Title Tickers Date
GE: General Electric Co. - Future Capital funding hole; equity capital raise still on the table GE 2019-09-10
DOV: Dover - The next industrial “compounder” DOV 2019-09-06
GE: General Electric Co. - Insurance call wrap; LTC resolution remote GE 2019-09-05
HDS: HD Supply - F2Q19 earnings preview – can FM get a pass on “climate change”? HDS 2019-09-05
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Separation to pursue higher valuation? FTV 2019-09-04
Multi-Industry - GE: Insurance expert conference call 2019-09-03
Multi-Industry - GE: Insurance expert conference call 2019-08-28
GE: General Electric Co. - 2Q 19 Model update GE 2019-08-27
GWW: Grainger - Cutting EPS and price target; tariff and international risks GWW 2019-08-13
GE: General Electric Co. - Dissecting cash flow; larger core cash declines ex factoring GE 2019-08-08
PH: Parker Hannifin - F2020 expectations likely to still reset lower PH 2019-08-07
EMR: Emerson - F3Q19 operating miss; below-the-line F20 EPS headwinds EMR 2019-08-06
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Downgrading to Hold; little room for further disappointment FTV 2019-08-05
ITT: ITT - Solid 2Q19 results; softening order trends ITT 2019-08-02
PH: Parker Hannifin - F4Q19 beat on below-the-line; F20 guidance mildly aggressive PH 2019-08-01
GE: General Electric Co. - Additional noteworthy 2Q19 items GE 2019-08-01
GE: General Electric Co. - Weaker 2Q19 operating results; 6 cent one-time tax benefit GE 2019-07-31
ETN: Eaton - In-line 2Q19; slowing orders; guidance reaffirmed ETN 2019-07-30
CGNX: Cognex - Guidance disappoints despite lowered expectations and Logistics resilience CGNX 2019-07-30
EMR: Emerson - Weakening order trends; F3Q preannounced EMR 2019-07-29

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