Restaurants Research

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CBRL: Cracker Barrel - F3Q20 First Look: SSS Recovery Stronger Than Expected with Week Ended 5/29 Restaurant SSS Down 45% (vs. Our Down 50%-55%) CBRL 2020-06-02 5
Casual Dining Foot Traffic Continues to Build Through 5/28 - Data from 45+ Million Mobile Devices Shows Steady Foot Traffic Growth from “Sit Down Restaurants” in Reopened States 2020-06-01 4
Social Distancing Restaurant Consumer Survey (pt. 8) - SIP Over for Most – Now What? 50%+ of Respondents Back at Physical Workplace / 80% of Those Who Lost Job Expect to Return 2020-06-01 8
CBRL: Cracker Barrel - With Almost 70% of System Reopened over Last 5 Weeks, Sequential SSS Improvement Likely Solid, But Relative SSS Still Lag CBRL 2020-05-29 6
“Reopened” States Saw Sales Build Through Holiday Weekend - 23,000+ Restaurant Data Set Shows 15 Point Sales Growth Inflection w/ State “Reopening” & Steady Sales Recovery Build Each Week 2020-05-27 8
DPZ: Domino's Pizza Inc - SSS Momentum Builds Even w/ Accelerating Restaurant Re-openings – Peak Valuation & SSS Crest Keep Us on Sidelines DPZ 2020-05-26 6
SBUX: Starbucks Corp - SSS Recovery Progressing as Expected; Material Acceleration of Store Transformation a Big Deal, but Not the NT Investor Focus SBUX 2020-05-21 6
DRI: Darden Restaurants - DRI Model Update DRI 2020-05-20 4
DRI: Darden Restaurants - Return of On-Premise Not All Incremental, But Reopened OG’s & LH’s See Volumes +30% & +68% vs. Best Off-Premise Only Weeks DRI 2020-05-19 6
EBITDA Revisions vs. Share Prices – What the Numbers Tell Us - Revision Dust Has Settled on the Restaurant 1Q20 Earnings Season: EBITDA Resilience Driving Outsized Relative Price Performance 2020-05-19 7
Social Distancing Restaurant Consumer Survey (pt. 7) - Consumers Report Being More Comfortable Making a Return to In-Restaurant Dining Than a Trip to a Retail Store or Mall 2020-05-18 10
MCD: McDonald's - IOM Segment Restaurant Reopening Wheels Beginning to Spin: See Major Market SSS Recovery Progress as Late-2Q20 Catalyst MCD 2020-05-18 10
JACK: Jack in the Box - JACK Kept Us Waiting for QTD SSS and the Numbers Were Worth the Wait: +8% in Most Recent Week & +1.6% over Last 4 Weeks JACK 2020-05-14 6
JACK: Jack in the Box - All Ears on QTD SSS w/ Tomorrow’s Earnings Call; Wendy’s & BK Franchisee SSS Have Impressed – Looking for JACK to Follow Suit JACK 2020-05-13 5
“Reopening” of Casual Dining: Everything You Need to Know - Return of In-Restaurant Dining in 21 States & End of Stay-at-Home in 19 States: Casual Dining Demand Tipping Point Is Here 2020-05-12 8
BLMN: Bloomin Brands, Inc. - We See BLMN Further Distinguishing Itself as an AUV Recovery Play as the Restaurant Reopening Pace Accelerates in Coming Weeks BLMN 2020-05-08 5
BJRI: BJ's Restaurants - Relative to Peers, BJ’s Has Long Recovery Road; Detail on In-Restaurant Sales Incrementality Bullish for BLMN, EAT, CAKE BJRI 2020-05-07 7
GRUB: Grubhub Inc - Impressive QTD Trends + More Investments in the Business = Continued Erosion of Profit Visibility; Reiterating Hold Rating GRUB 2020-05-07 6
GRUB: Grubhub Inc - 1Q20 1st Look: Impressive Start to the 2Q, But We Don’t Expect Trends to Hold and Remain Cautious on the 2Q EBITDA Guide GRUB 2020-05-06 5
CAKE: Cheesecake Factory - CAKE Model Update CAKE 2020-05-06 4

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