Title Tickers Date
GE: General Electric Co. - Possible GECAS fire sale GE 2019-01-07
MMM: 3M - M*Modal provides strong strategic fit MMM 2018-12-20
GE: General Electric Co. - Mixed signals; Healthcare IPO = cash need sooner GE 2018-12-20
ROK: Rockwell - Rockwell technology conference call ROK 2018-12-18
EMR: Emerson - Weak C&RS; AS remains resilient, for now EMR 2018-12-17
GE: General Electric Co. - Bankruptcies could pressure aircraft lessors (GECAS) GE 2018-12-17
ROK: Rockwell - Dissecting Auto – favorable risk vs. return ROK 2018-12-14
GE: General Electric Co. - Imagination still at work? GE 2018-12-13
EMR: Emerson - Downgrading to Hold; Energy + China pressures EMR 2018-12-12
Multi-Industry - Global Debt Binge Sounds Warning Bell 2018-12-11
ITW: ITW - 2018 Investor Day optimism ITW 2018-12-07
Conference Call - Outlook for Corporate Change within the Industrials Landscape 2018-12-07
ETN: Eaton - Cyclical slump risks ETN 2018-12-06
HDS: HD Supply - In-line F3Q18; robust FM sales; decelerating C&I HDS 2018-12-04
ITW: ITW - ITW 2019 preview; portfolio and growth watch ITW 2018-12-04
MSM: MSC - MSC meeting highlights; future M&A ramp MSM 2018-12-03
HDS: HD Supply - Expect slight F3Q18 beat HDS 2018-11-29
GE: General Electric Co. - Healthcare IPO – the last bullet GE 2018-11-29
GE: General Electric Co. - “Crown Jewel” Capital assets rated junk GE 2018-11-28
GE: General Electric Co. - Waypoint bankruptcy could point to future GECAS stress GE 2018-11-26

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