Title Tickers Date
ROK: Rockwell - Framework for success; near term auto wrinkle ROK 2019-05-16
GE: General Electric Co. - BioPharma deal risk? GE 2019-05-16
MMM: 3M - PFAScinating discussion MMM 2019-05-16
ITW: ITW - M&A slowly moving back into sights ITW 2019-05-15
Multi-Industry - 3M: PFAS conference call 2019-05-15
HON: Honeywell - Driving success on multiple fronts HON 2019-05-14
Multi-Industry - 3M: PFAS conference call 2019-05-13
HON: Honeywell - Multi-Industry leader – Part II HON 2019-05-10
GE: General Electric Co. - Addicted to restructuring GE 2019-05-09
MMM: 3M - “Accelerating” decline MMM 2019-05-07
EMR: Emerson - Significant F2Q19 operating profit miss EMR 2019-05-07
Multi-Industry - Holding pattern for now; further weakness could emerge over coming months 2019-05-06
Multi-Industry - Key 1Q19 takeaways; mixed results 2019-05-06
ITT: ITT - Balanced 1Q19 offsets weaker global automotive; relatively strong results ITT 2019-05-03
MMM: 3M - Paying up for wound care MMM 2019-05-02
PH: Parker Hannifin - Orders rolling over; F4Q guidance miss PH 2019-05-02
GE: General Electric Co. - Additional GE 1Q19 revelations GE 2019-04-30
ETN: Eaton - In-line 1Q and guidance; deteriorating Mobile offsets Electrical strengths ETN 2019-04-30
GE: General Electric Co. - Reduced 1Q19 operating results largely in-line; cash flow boosted by BHGE and timing GE 2019-04-30
CGNX: Cognex - Consumer Electronics drove guidance miss again; premature to call bottom CGNX 2019-04-30

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