Insurance Research

Title Date
Commercial Auto: Some Favorable Tailwinds into 2020 2020-01-20
Medical Professional: Bellwether for Social Inflation 2020-01-13
Reinsurance: Rational Market Enters 2020 with Tailwind 2020-01-07
2020 Trends: Insurers Defensive but Not Immune to Economy 2019-12-16
2020 Trends: Rational Personal Auto Market 2019-12-12
2020 Trends: Commercial Auto Will add to Earnings Volatility 2019-12-10
2020 Trends: Insurers’ Liability in Abuse Claims 2019-12-05
2020 Trends: Lawsuits Take Us Back to the 1980s 2019-12-03
2020 Trends: Social Inflation is Back…Through 2020 at Least 2019-11-25
2020 Trends*: Safer Cars AND Higher Demand 2019-11-22
2020 Trends* - Wealth Trends by Generation 2019-11-20
Commercial Auto: More Challenges from Rising Claim Severity 2019-10-28
Social Inflation is Back! Are People Just Angry? 2019-10-25
Climate Change: A More Manageable Pricing Challenge 2019-10-16
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): Rational Auto Market 2019-10-08
Impact of an Economic Slowdown on P/C Insurers 2019-10-07
High Net Worth Homeowners Growth Less Than Meets the Eye 2019-10-01
Social Inflation is Back! Politics Influence Cost Trends 2019-09-24
P/C Insurance Pricing Cycle: A Correction, Not a Hard Market 2019-09-16
Insurers’ Liability in Abuse Claims: First Post-CVA Bankruptcy 2019-09-13

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