Title Tickers Date
European trade show takeaways - Another European step-down in demand despite Brexit stockpiling 2019-04-03
Multi-Industry - Recent international tradeshows takeaways – negative feedback loop 2019-04-02
DOV: Dover - Premier multi-industry self-help story; raising price target to $101 DOV 2019-03-27
GE: General Electric Co. - Siemens + Chinese Power announcement – another setback for GE GE 2019-03-26
GE: General Electric Co. - Healthcare hokey pokey GE 2019-03-26
MMM: 3M - Positioned to outperform in softening economy MMM 2019-03-24
3M (3M indicates further near-term guidance & cuts ) MMM 2019-03-21
Proprietary data (Industrial products channel pricing - discounting picked up slightly) 2019-03-21
Proprietary data (MRO distribution web traffic report) 2019-03-20
GE: General Electric Co. - Key conference takeaways – multi-year turnaround GE 2019-03-19
GE: General Electric Co. - Model update; no earnings growth on the horizon GE 2019-03-19
HDS: HD Supply - Expect robust FM results; more cautious C&I outlook in coming months HDS 2019-03-18
GE: General Electric Co. - Compensation machine GE 2019-03-15
GE: General Electric Co. - Few surprises; mediocre cash even 3+ years out GE 2019-03-14
GE: General Electric Co. - $1.00 FCF/share folly GE 2019-03-13
Multi-Industry - Economic peak highlights valuation risks 2019-03-13
GE: General Electric Co. - Is Biopharma really “win-win”?; GE track record still TBD GE 2019-03-12
GE: General Electric Co. - Weak GE cash forecast in 2020 GE 2019-03-11
HON: Honeywell - Upbeat investor presentation HON 2019-03-07
ROK: Rockwell - Reducing cyclical risks; robust IIoT trends ROK 2019-03-07

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