Title Tickers Date Pages
PH: Parker Hannifin - The big "catch up" continues; raising estimates PH 2020-08-10 4
MMM: 3M - Bumping up estimates following company’s positive July commentary MMM 2020-08-06
PH: Parker Hannifin - Substantial F4Q20 beat; F21 guidance upside PH 2020-08-06 3
DD: DUPONT DE NEMOURS INC - Relatively conservative stance into 3Q; catalysts on the horizon DD 2020-08-05 6
AME: AMETEK, Inc. - Model update post outstanding 2Q20 result AME 2020-08-04 6
EMR: Emerson - F3Q20 beat on margins EMR 2020-08-04 3
IR: Ingersoll Rand - Significant 2Q20 beat driven by Industrial segment IR 2020-08-03 4
ITW: ITW - Model update; increasing forecast estimates and price target ITW 2020-08-03 4
ETN: Eaton - Model update; increasing estimates and price target ETN 2020-08-03 4
ITW: ITW - Sizeable 2Q beat; 2H outlook scenario points to EPS upside ITW 2020-07-31 4
ITT: ITT - Resilient 2Q20; IP margin strength; strong FCF ITT 2020-07-31 3
FTV: Fortive Corp. - 2Q highlights portfolio resilience; sequential guide reasonable although not conservative FTV 2020-07-30 5
CGNX: Cognex - Sizeable beat as expected; Logistics strengths should balance CE near-term peak concerns CGNX 2020-07-30 4
DD: DUPONT DE NEMOURS INC - 2Q20 beat; structural cost-out on track DD 2020-07-30 5
ROK: Rockwell - Increasing estimates; ROK price target rises to $250 ROK 2020-07-29 4
ETN: Eaton - 2Q20 beat driven by Electricals; 3Q guidance inputs screen as conservative ETN 2020-07-29 4
GE: General Electric Co. - Tough 2Q20 results…matching low expectations GE 2020-07-29 3
ROK: Rockwell - F3Q20 operating beat; in-line sequential guidance ROK 2020-07-28 3
MMM: 3M - Weak Health Care drags 2Q20 MMM 2020-07-28 4
DOV: Dover - Dover 2Q20 earnings takeaways and model update DOV 2020-07-24 5

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