Independent Insights - Client Focus

Gordon Haskett Research Advisors publishes highly differentiated, independent research to a targeted group of institutional investors. Our unique platform provides our analysts with intellectual autonomy, sector-focused senior salespeople, the highest caliber IT and compliance support - all unencumbered by larger firm conflicts. 

Our leading Event-Driven team led by Don Bilson generates unique insights and actionable ideas by analyzing and often anticipating strategic events, including M&A, spin-offs, restructurings and activism.  

Our Retail Research Team led by Chuck Grom covers Broadline, Hardline, Dollar, Grocer, Furniture and Discount retailers with a historically highly ranked, senior team and unique data resources.

Our Consumer/Internet specialist Jonathan Rich provides timely and accurate coverage of consumer events, as well as Macro Consumer trends, Consumer Internet names, and IPOs pre- and post-launch.

Our Insurance Research Team led by Bill Wilt brings industry background and veteran sellside experience to in-depth research valued by both investors and industry executives.

Our Restaurants Research Team led by Jeff Farmer, highly regarded for rigorous valuation & thematic work and 15 years' experience, now with access to credit card, geolocation and other data.

Our Internet Research Team led by Bobby Mollins leverages unique data resources including web tracking, bookings, geolocation and other data for insights on the large web platform companies.

Our proprietary corporate Jet Tracker enhances investors’ mosaic by flagging possible signposts of M&A, strategic partnerships, activism, etc.