Title Tickers Date Pages
ITT: ITT - In-line Q1; Aero drags; share gains ahead ITT 2020-05-01 3
HON: Honeywell - Aerospace and taxes drive 1Q20 EPS beat; challenging 2Q demand outlook HON 2020-05-01 3
PH: Parker Hannifin - F3Q20 beat could reflect “pull-forward”; tough Apr order results PH 2020-04-30 3
ETN: Eaton - 1Q20 in-line; decremental outlook favorable ETN 2020-04-30 3
ROK: Rockwell - Increasing ROK estimates; baking a rising automation pie ROK 2020-04-29 5
GE: General Electric Co. - 1Q20 results disappoint; recession vice GE 2020-04-29 3
ROK: Rockwell - 1Q20 beat; outlook far better than feared ROK 2020-04-28 5
MMM: 3M - 1Q results slightly better; outlook disappoints… where is the defensiveness? MMM 2020-04-28 3
CGNX: Cognex - Momentum likely drives shares higher (for now) given lack of clear direction CGNX 2020-04-27 5
IR: Ingersoll Rand - Financial pathway to upside IR 2020-04-27 6
PH: Parker Hannifin - PH could play “catch-up” on F3Q20 earnings print PH 2020-04-27 4
ETN: Eaton - Rerating potential coming out of recession ETN 2020-04-27
GWW: Grainger - Structural Underperform call intact GWW 2020-04-24 5
GWW: Grainger - 1Q20 margins miss; Canada returns to losses GWW 2020-04-23 3
CGNX: Cognex - Lowering estimates; Tech momentum coming through CGNX 2020-04-23 6
EMR: Emerson - Emerson F3Q20 earnings and model update; restructuring benefits support earnings EMR 2020-04-22 5
DOV: Dover - Strong 1Q20 results; positioned for relative outperformance DOV 2020-04-22 5
DD: DUPONT DE NEMOURS INC - 1Q20 preannounced higher DD 2020-04-20 5
China Industrial Land Snapshot - March/early April industrial data points; mix of snap-back and gradual recovery 2020-04-20 5
MMM: 3M - Caught in the middle: neither recession nor recovery play MMM 2020-04-20 4

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