Title Tickers Date
PH: Parker Hannifin - F1Q20 conference call mixed messages PH 2019-10-31
PH: Parker Hannifin - Disappointing F20 guidance revision PH 2019-10-31
GE: General Electric Co. - Lacking fundamental improvement GE 2019-10-31
GE: General Electric Co. - Mixed 3Q19 results; Power steps back GE 2019-10-30
ETN: Eaton - Conference call curiosities ETN 2019-10-29
ETN: Eaton - Lower 4Q19 guidance; significant implied margin deterioration ETN 2019-10-29
CGNX: Cognex - Logistics “air pocket” showed up late; SUALAB slightly dilutive to 2020 CGNX 2019-10-29
EMR: Emerson - Minor headline Sept order softening; underlying orders relatively steady EMR 2019-10-28
MMM: 3M - 3Q19 10-Q PFAS update MMM 2019-10-28
ITW: ITW - 3Q19 in-line with Street on core ops ITW 2019-10-25
CGNX: Cognex - 3Q19 preview; acquisition cements deep learning leadership CGNX 2019-10-25
ROK: Rockwell - Puts & takes from PTC’s F4Q19 ROK 2019-10-24
MSM: MSC - Slight F4Q19 beat on margins; sizeable F1Q20 miss not unexpected MSM 2019-10-24
MMM: 3M - Another core growth miss and significant guide-down MMM 2019-10-24
GWW: Grainger - Weak gross margins drive unexpected 3Q19 miss GWW 2019-10-23
GE: General Electric Co. - Running Out of Money? GE 2019-10-21
HON: Honeywell - Solid 3Q19; signs of macro strain in 4Q outlook HON 2019-10-17
DOV: Dover - Strong 3Q19 beat; orders rebound DOV 2019-10-17
EMR: Emerson - Emerson's perspective EMR 2019-10-16
ETN: Eaton - Sale of Lighting for subdued valuation ETN 2019-10-16

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