Title Tickers Date
PH: Parker Hannifin - Exotic deal; diversifies PH Aerospace sales mix PH 2019-07-29
MMM: 3M - 10-Q reveals new environmental and regulatory risks MMM 2019-07-26
ITW: ITW - 2Q19 miss; optimistic 2H assumptions? ITW 2019-07-26
ROK: Rockwell - F3Q19 EPS beat on CP&S margins; guidance cut (not unexpected) ROK 2019-07-25
MMM: 3M - Significant 2Q19 EPS beat; guidance intact MMM 2019-07-25
GE: General Electric Co. - Further GE9x delays; possible MAX production shutdown GE 2019-07-24
Multi-Industry - A tale of two distributors 2019-07-24
GWW: Grainger - Mixed 2Q19 against lowered expectations; weaker International offset US margin resilience GWW 2019-07-24
ITT: ITT - Eaton deal casts favorable spotlight on ITT Connectors ITT 2019-07-23
HON: Honeywell - 2Q19 upside results despite SPS shortfall; robust 3Q19 guidance HON 2019-07-23
GE: General Electric Co. - GE to “beat” its 2Q19 cash guidance GE 2019-07-23
CGNX: Cognex - 2Q19 preview – Logistics softness could add to Auto & Electronics woes CGNX 2019-07-22
DOV: Dover - Solid 2Q19; Fluids again drives upside DOV 2019-07-18
HON: Honeywell - Caught in the China crossfire? HON 2019-07-17
GWW: Grainger - Expect in-line 2Q19 against lowered expectations; 2H uncertainties GWW 2019-07-17
MSM: MSC - Fine-tuning FY20 estimates lower; pricing pressure moving upstream MSM 2019-07-16
MSM: MSC - Significant F3Q19 miss and guide-down MSM 2019-07-10
Proprietary data (MRO distribution web traffic report - mixed traffic trend continues in June) 2019-07-09
Proprietary data (Industrial products pricing - little price movement in July) 2019-07-09
MMM: 3M - PFAS Primer: in the chemical crosshairs MMM 2019-07-08

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