Title Tickers Date
HDS: HD Supply - 2016 all over again? HDS 2019-06-11
HD Supply (In-line F1Q19, but F2Q19 miss- weak May and full-year guidance cut) HDS 2019-06-11
Multi-Industry - Aerospace tie-up twists and wrinkles 2019-06-11
Proprietary data (Industrial products pricing - no price increase despite tariff hike; Mexico exposure) 2019-06-10
MSM: MSC - Downgrading to Hold; fading fortunes MSM 2019-06-10
Multi-Industry - 3M: PFAS conference call #2 2019-06-10
Multi-Industry - The coming margin recession 2019-06-10
GE: General Electric Co. - Power competition further heats up GE 2019-06-07
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Key EHSQ bolt-on; software march presses on FTV 2019-06-06
GE: General Electric Co. - Culture Club GE 2019-06-06
ITT: ITT - Manageable Mexico ITT 2019-06-05
Multi-Industry - 3M: PFAS conference call #2 2019-06-05
GE: General Electric Co. - Missing the power boat GE 2019-06-05
HDS: HD Supply - Cautious into F1Q19 print; FM resilience a focus HDS 2019-06-04
ROK: Rockwell - Mexican standoff ROK 2019-06-03
Multi-Industry - Grab your Tequila! Mexico tariffs hit more than just Auto 2019-05-31
GE: General Electric Co. - Possible Healthcare Remainco change of tone GE 2019-05-30
DOV: Dover - 2 cents create DOV buying opportunity DOV 2019-05-28
Multi-Industry (EPG Day 3 - DOV, GWW Top Takeaways) 2019-05-22
EMR: Emerson - Next two months pivotal for AS EMR 2019-05-22

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