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The Weekend Warrior (6/23/17) - Lax For The Cure 2017 2017-06-23
Cognizant doing "it" on its own, Simon says ... Hain is vulnerable, don't look for the Kroger jet in Austin (CTSH, HYH, HAIN, KR, MGM, MLM) 2017-06-23
Conference Call: Rise in Social Inflation --- Tuesday, June 27 at 2pm EST 2017-06-22
Dover is losing its breakup excuse, Hain looking ahead to better times, can succession unlock a portfolio review at Kimberly? (DOV, HAIN, HUM, KMB, HPE, SPLS, PAH) 2017-06-22
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - More "Potential" Bad News For Departments Stores: Nike To Sell Direct on Amazon 2017-06-21
A "sell or wait" decision for older energy CEOs, one activist's struggles in the Deep South, sleepy software name awakened by go-private talk (Oil CEO / M&A Talk, CTL, CA, MMM, WHR, LH) 2017-06-21
Energen doesn't need Corvex around anyhow, Celanese CEO may have a two-step exit in mind, Pamplona and Starboard hook up again (EGN, CE, PRXL, EQT, SYK, CVE, BKD, PHG) 2017-06-20
Social Inflation Follow Up: Third Party Litigation Funding Remains on the Rise 2017-06-20
Team Gromey's Consumer Survey May '17 : Part III - A Closer Look At Online Spending Habits 2017-06-20
Celanese turns a bogey into a birdie, EQT finds a tag-team partner, PerkinElmer makes a splash with a German cannonball (CE, EQT, PKI, WFM, PG, AXTA, WCN) 2017-06-19
The Weekend Warrior (6/16/17) - Despacito! In Focus = COST, FIVE, Survey + Pricing Results, CPI/PPI 2017-06-16
WMT: Wal-Mart - In Case You Missed It: Bonobos Acquisition + Favorable Commentary On Digital Trends = Buy Rated 2017-06-16
Broadlines & Harlines Retail: Whoa! Amazon Buying Whole Foods = Initial Gut Reactions For SFM, WMT, TGT, COST, $ Stores 2017-06-16
June 12 - June 16 2017-06-16
Amazon fills up the basket at Whole Foods, may be go time for Hershey, Booz Allen falls into the abyss (WFM, NESN, HSY, CNC, BAH, WFT) 2017-06-16
Mylan boss pushes back, Patterson Co will pass on market check, Amerisource looks ready to repeat 2015 binge (MYL, PDCO, ABC, HAIN, MET, MAT, WFM, NRG) 2017-06-15
Alexion adds some thump to its lineup, Baxter dials back big-ticket M&A talk, two stories Brookdale with much different endings (ALZN, BAX, BKD, HRB, THS, MNK) 2017-06-14
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail: Pricing Study #1 - Introducing 3-Tiered, Multi-SKU, Multi-City Proprietary Analysis 2017-06-13
Centene charges in while others flee, looking at Arconic's pure-play prospects, surprising feats of strength at Signet (CNC, ARNC, SIG, ECA, SEMG) 2017-06-13
Social Inflation Follow: Up Inflation Risk to the Upside From Advertising Trends 2017-06-13

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