Title Tickers Date
Multi-Industry - 3Q19 industrial earnings preview call 2019-10-09
MMM: 3M - AFFF Science Day round goes to the plaintiffs MMM 2019-10-08
GE: General Electric Co. - GE formalizes future pension plan contributions; overall debt reduction unchanged GE 2019-10-07
Multi-Industry - 3Q19 industrial earnings preview call 2019-10-04
GE: General Electric Co. - Healthcare pressures; guidance by newsletter? GE 2019-10-02
EMR: Emerson - “Comprehensive review” provides air cover EMR 2019-10-01
HDS: HD Supply - Separation plan follows challenged F2Q19 HDS 2019-09-27
MMM: 3M - PFAS update – expert warnings MMM 2019-09-24
CGNX: Cognex - Secular technology potential; cautious near-term undertone CGNX 2019-09-23
GE: General Electric Co. - CFO search uncertainties GE 2019-09-20
MMM: 3M - Cutting estimates; in the penalty box MMM 2019-09-18
Multi-Industry - Clearing the decks (Part 2); Recession Handbook 2019-09-18
ETN: Eaton - Investor meeting highlights ETN 2019-09-13
HDS: HD Supply - Model update HDS 2019-09-12
GE: General Electric Co. - Investor conf highlights; incremental Aviation, Pension, Insurance challenges GE 2019-09-12
HON: Honeywell - Investor conference highlights HON 2019-09-12
ROK: Rockwell - Downgrading to Hold; too soon for “what’s bad is good” ROK 2019-09-11
DOV: Dover - Transparency boost DOV 2019-09-10
HDS: HD Supply - F2Q19 in-line with our lowered expectations; significant F19 guidance reduction HDS 2019-09-10
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Separation creates distraction without near-term valuation boost FTV 2019-09-10

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