Title Tickers Date
GE: General Electric Co. - One step closer to “junk” GE 2019-02-08
FTV: Fortive Corp. - 4Q18 core growth strength; 2019 guidance appears solid FTV 2019-02-07
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Expect another messy quarter FTV 2019-02-06
Multi-Industry - Model and price target updates 2019-02-06
EMR: Emerson - F1Q19 driven by below-the-line; segment operating margins miss EMR 2019-02-05
GE: General Electric Co. - Behind the window dressing GE 2019-02-04
ITW: ITW - Solid 4Q18; weaker 2019 core growth and 1Q19 EPS ITW 2019-02-01
HON: Honeywell - Solid 4Q18 and 2019 guidance HON 2019-02-01
PH: Parker Hannifin - Margins and Aero strength buffer weaker industrial growth PH 2019-01-31
ETN: Eaton - Solid 4Q top-line results and 2019 guide ETN 2019-01-31
GE: General Electric Co. - 4Q18 cash beats very low expectations; Power worsened GE 2019-01-31
DOV: Dover - “Phase 2” begins; increasing DOV estimates and price target DOV 2019-01-30
ROK: Rockwell - F1Q19 core growth and margin beat; guidance intact ROK 2019-01-29
MMM: 3M - 4Q18 exceeds expectations; guidance intact MMM 2019-01-29
GE: General Electric Co. - Move to GAAP could drive stock hit GE 2019-01-28
GE: General Electric Co. - Modified Rail deal reflects GE's need for cash GE 2019-01-25
GWW: Grainger - Below-the-line drives 4Q18 “beat”; weak op leverage continues GWW 2019-01-24
ROK: Rockwell - Positive PTC trajectory ROK 2019-01-24
GE: General Electric Co. - Does GE Remainco have equity value? GE 2019-01-23
GWW: Grainger - Possible negative trade ahead GWW 2019-01-22

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