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Burlington Northern changeup weakens Kansas City thought, changing the channel at Sirius, deadline day at Nutanix, Nikola needs a timeout (KSU, SIRI, DVA, NTNX, PNR, ATGE, NKLA) 2020-09-15
Gilead wins its own "Immunity Challenge," NVIDIA's biceps are looking huge, Back to school sale at Laureate rolls on, Verizon shores up its value flank (GILD, NVDAM LAUR, VZ, AIV, CLGX, NAV, NLOK) 2020-09-14
LKQ pledges allegiance to investment grade, Hologic spits on Abbott's saliva test, Kroger's defense looks sound, Now watching for locusts in Portland (LKQ, HOLX, KR, PRSP, NAV, POR) 2020-09-10
Glass shatters at Citi, the 208 train leaving Kansas City is empty, ACI Worldwide fumbles the ball, does Pure Storage have something to worry about? (C, KSU, ACIW, MD, AEO, HUBB, PSTG, CVX) 2020-09-10 5
There is still space on the “table” at GM, CoreLogic finds its way back to 65, Tiffany is getting the Danone treatment, new Davita director has an M&A hat trick on his resume (GM, CLGX, TIF, CLDR, DVA, SNX) 2020-09-09 5
GM makes room at its table for an electric high-flyer, Rachesky being Rachesky, Lagging chipmaker enters a treacherous period, Eyeing Verint as split gets closer (GM, NAV, ON, UHS, AVGO, TSLA, VRNT) 2020-09-08
Ground control losses sight of Gap idea, an interesting night at Nutanix, Peltz sticks with Procter, Abbott does a Daniel Day-Lewis impression (GPS, NTNX, PG, KO, ABT, DLTR) 2020-08-28 4
Something to “Crow” about in building materials, Crown Castle gets a knock, Box continues to deliver for Starboard, Gordon Crawford won’t give up on Lions Gate (BLDR, Low Premium Mergers, CCI, CLDR, BOX, VNE, LGF) 2020-08-27 4
Benioff won’t be dealing in this environment, Five percent days piling up at Elanco, Anaplan finds its stroke, moldy fruit salad spoils HAIN’s day (CRM, ELAN, PLAN, SJM, HAIN) 2020-08-26 4
Haemonetics needs more than an FDA band-aid, FirstEnergy can't get started, GFL fires back (HAE, VFC, FE, GFL, PNR, HAIN) 2020-08-25
Sprinkling Gap with some LULU dust, AGCO anoints its new Deere hunter, Ingevity stays at home with CEO hire, Qiagen steers clear of the Sommerloch (GPS, AGCO, NGVT, QGEN, STRA) 2020-08-24
Dusting off an age-old JNJ question, no sign of arm wrestling at NVIDIA, Elanco has a new fan, keeping an eye on Archer-Daniels (JNJ, NVDA, ELAN, ADM, STAY, AC-FR, ATGE) 2020-08-20 5
New Trian “enigma” requires a codebreaker, JNJ adds more “Mo” to its portfolio, not much to see at Agilent, a pinball wizard sighting at Lowe’s (Trian, MNTA, A, LOW, ACIW, ROL) 2020-08-19 4
Noise building at General Motors, Advance Auto lifted by a rising sea, eyeing Ted Wechsler's DaVita bet, time for the drug wholesalers to say "yes" 2020-08-18
13F Analysis (HPQ, SEE, Trian, WELL, CCI, JBLU, ATGE, TXT, ALKS, ON, SYF, VVV, CDK) 2020-08-17
Elanco smells smokier, watching for a new character to emerge at Viacom, antennae up again at Kroger, keeping tabs on the other Vivint 2020-08-14 5
Thermo turned back in Europe, We're ready Nelson, Tapestry shares its "Zeitlin" plan, Why did Newell hire this guy? 2020-08-13
Premier Inc cleans up its act, a special sit finally gets rewarded, ValueAct takes a seat at LKQ, eyeing MGM through a Liberty/Sirius lens (PINC, HDS, Splits, LKQ, CVET, IAC, MGM) 2020-08-12
HD Supply SpinCo is going home, Jackson plan moves forward at Prudential, snippet of Koch-talk at ON, Happy Birthday Fred Smith (HDS, PRU, MGM, ON, ACM, WSC, FDX) 2020-08-11 5
FLIR Systems digging a hole for itself, Roper stepping up in weight class, CoreLogic puts ICE deal to work, Diller grabs the dice (FLIR, ROP, CLGX, WU, YELP, IAC, MGM, FLT, DBX, MHK) 2020-08-10

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