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Blackstone leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of $50, United sees its own “card” opportunity, suspicious comp tweaks at Murphy Oil and Xerox (BX, UAL, ETFC, MUR, XRX, PPG, EXP, DVA) 2019-04-18
Bernie Bros have health insurers on the run, KAR gets the Cerner treatment, Qualcomm asks "How do you like them apples!" (Managed Care, KAR, ARMK, QCOM, BA, TMUS-S) 2019-04-17
State of M&A seems heathier than advertised, Goldman sees more deals coming in Financials, two smaller caps in focus ahead of today’s activism conference (M&A Pulse, GS, INST, BBBY, ADNT) 2019-04-16
Anadarko bank shots headed toward the Sheffield family, Allergan CEO resting more comfortably, Next stop for Best Buy CEO is Cooperstown (PE/PXD, AGN, BBY, WM, CTLT, WFC, ADS) 2019-04-15
Anadarko earns it stripes, boardroom tension simmers over at Conduent, interesting line from Vanguard ahead of Allergan vote (APC, CNDT, ROST, AGN, ATI) 2019-04-12
Delta ready to talk about cards, Bed & Bath shows off its new defense, the gap has been filled at Conagra (DAL, BBBY, CAG, ABC, PCG) 2019-04-11
Neuberger stepping up its game, painting Aramark with a Cerner brush, getting ready for a good night’s sleep at Tempur (VRNT, ARMK, PNR, TPX, WYNN) 2019-04-10
Starboard turns up the heat on Cerner, Symantec fills its gap, Perkin ready to enter the Century Club, Wynn’s new CEO reaches for the dice (CERN, SYMC, PKI, WYNN, AVYA, GPK) 2019-04-09
Celanese question answered, Starboard puts Dollar Tree in the win column, waiting on an answer from KAR Auction, Merck knocks out Entegris (CE, DLTR, KAR, Merk KGaG/VSM, IPG, CAG, NLSN) 2019-04-08
Dusting off a long-forgotten Oshkosh idea, Perrigo closing in on generics sale, GroupThink taking a beating BBBY (OSK, PRGO, BBBY, EXP, COMM) 2019-04-05
PG&E powers up its boardroom with investors, Citrix looking to strike while the PE iron is hot, its go-time for an HVAC deal (PCG, CTXS, RPM, UTX/LII, NLSN, ZAYO, AYI) 2019-04-04
Delta flaunts its hidden gem, Alcon touts the spin-merge credentials of its new CFO, chip industry loyalty in short supply, Ameriprise finally moves its feet (DAL, NVS, QCOM, BIO, AMP, CPB, CVLT, VSM) 2019-04-03
Welcome back Dow, time for Stefano to answer a different question at Walgreens, keeping an eye on the shot clock at DaVita (DWDP, WBA, DVA, QEP, MOH) 2019-04-02
The "favorite" prevails at Bristol, open-ended M&A questions that need an answering, a nice resolution within sight at Alliance Data (BMY, AVYA, BG, CZR, CARS, GCP, GWR, ISBC, JACK, MGLN, NLSN, NUVA, PPG, ZAYO, ADS, SRCL) 2019-04-01
Confidence is now on the ballot at Allergan, Willis Tower comfortable running in third place, Biogen begins to dust itself off (AGN, WLTW, BIIB, PLT, BERY) 2019-03-25
New executive titles might speak volumes at Sempra, TeamRice going for broke at EQT, Is URI squandering a chance to highlight “specialty?” (SRE, EQT, CAG, URI, EBAY) 2019-03-21
Humana looking more and more like a “no” on Medicaid cannonball, Trinity shows Allergan the way it’s done, an oddly timed board shuffle at Radian (HUM, TRN, AGN, RDN, FDX, AGCO) 2019-03-20
Starboard still hammering away at Bristol, Syneos becomes a poster-child for quick bounce backs, How much hot sauce can Pershing stomach? (BMY, SYNH, MAR, CMG, VVV) 2019-03-19
Payments space keeping bankers busy, Qualcomm still in warm water, Plantronics playing games with its calendar, Marriott isn't losing to a 16 seed (WP, QCOM, PLT, MAR, CZR, LOGM) 2019-03-18
Broadcom’s turkey takes flight, Newell looking for a new face, intrigue at GCP Applied Technologies rises above “standard” levels (AVGO, NWL, GCP, ACM) 2019-03-15

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