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Time for Starboard to declare "victory" at eBay, watching for a delay at Nielsen, Circling back to Ingersoll RMT, "Converts" becoming fashionable (EBAY, NLSN, IR, SABR, WDFC, CLDR, DK) 2020-04-14 5
EBAY finds its new CEO at Walmart, Alnylam now partying with Blackstone, "essential" designation not saving Advanced Auto, clock winding down at MSG (EBAY, ALNY, AAP, MSG, EXP, RTX) 2020-04-13
Cognizant renovation showing promise, a settlement on the outback, Avis activist “upgrades” its position, Will Kinder Morgan stick to its plan? (CTSH, BLMN, CAR, KMI) 2020-04-09 3
RPM restructuring slippage is hard to sugarcoat, Molina’s Lonestar win finally getting its due, Perrigo bucks a trend while it waits for day in court (RPM, MOH, PRGO) 2020-04-08 3
IAC passes an easy math test, Coherent turns the page, Evergy gets a jolt, another Sea World CEO sleeps with the fishes (IAC, COHR, EVRG, SEAS, HXL ) 2020-04-07 4
Aerospace deal felled by the Coronavirus, 2020’s “one shining moment” may feature Berkshire, Carrier breaks cleanly from the starting gate (WWD, HXL, Airlines, CARR, CNP, GDDY) 2020-04-06 4
Walgreens still prescribing share repurchases, new Acuity boss is ready to move past “lackluster,” Twitter selloff getting harder to ignore (WBA, AYI, TWTR, BBBY, PLAY, DIN) 2020-04-03 4
Carnival finds its buyers way beneath the surface, French Fry king suffering from grease fire burns, Macy’s goes from varsity to Frosh/Soph (CCL, M, ARNC, LW, BBBY) 2020-04-02 4
Xerox Quits!, Slippage finding its way onto spinoff calendar, Danaher theft is complete, another crack at Infrastructure Week (XRX, HPQ, Spin Calendar, DHR, ERI, VMC, MLM) 2020-04-01 5
Carnival sounds the alarm, Envestnet plays it safe, HOG settlement lacks sizzle, Axalta finally calls it quits (CCL, ENV, HLF, HOG, AXTA, CVLT, BWA) 2020-03-31 4
Tegna process goes off the air, poison pills becoming a drug of choice, PENN visits the pawn shop, Ackman coaching tree sprouts another branch (TGNA, TPX, PENN, BK, UTX, CRCL, XRX, HPQ) 2020-03-30 5
Williams' offers a non-threatening answer, Molina appears to get a second chance in Texas, SYNNEX hits pause on breakup, busy split schedule ahead (WMB, FLR, MOH, SNX, MSG, ARNC, UTX, APY) 2020-03-26
Phillips 66 won’t be paying up, airline lobbyists earn their pay, ADS passes its stress test, lots of card talk (PSX, OXY, Airlines, ADS, SYF, DFS, GDOT, TWOU) 2020-03-25 5
A silver lining in Twitter update, Axalta can’t call it quits, lots of dividend talk, a Wintertime RMT that can’t thaw out (TWTR, AXTA, Dividend Talk, APY) 2020-03-24 4
The gloves stay on Occidental, airline request for upgrade is denied, MGM plays it safe, a quick hook at CNH (OXY, Airlines, MGM, CNHI, T, DBX, BOX, ACHC, ADS) 2020-03-23 5
Occidental boss throws a Hail Mary, XPO scrubs review, auto renters running out of road, is that smoke over Williams? (OXY, XPO, CAR, HTZ, DK, CVI, WMB, EBAY) 2020-03-20 5
Impala takes credit for Boss Hogg firing, Blackstone shows off its iron jaw, "open minded" words from Starboard at eBay (HOG, BX, EBAY, ARMK) 2020-03-19
FedEx avoids another crash landing, Marathon drags two questions across the finish line, Tegna gets a divine offer, Aramark getting pressured on multiple fronts (FDX, MPC, TGNA, XPO, NAV, ARMK, ATI) 2020-03-18 5
Airlines have fifty billion reasons to worry, HD Supply still on schedule, FleetCor looks for a W on comp, PENN can’t catch a break (Airlines, HDS, DD, FLT, PENN) 2020-03-17 4
Greetings from Thunderdome, an impala now charging a hog, Lockheed climbs the tower for its next CEO, closing the circle at Macerich (HOG, ARMK, LMT, MAC) 2020-03-16 4

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