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LogMeIn throws a crazy changeup, Emerson won’t be vacationing in Splitsville, Newell’s core is still sore, XPO goes from darling to dumpster fire (LOGM, EMR, NWL, XPO, TPX, DVA) 2019-02-15
Smoke alarm blaring at LogMeIn, a mercy killing at CenturyLink, new Cerner plan underwhelms, Pershing’s entire roster is chipping in (CTL, LOGM, CERN, MGM, Pershing Square, EQT, YELP, MAT, CLF) 2019-02-14
Catalent makes mention of the “T” Word, Molina continues to face a wall of worry, Aramark buffet now features LBO chatter, Xerox is once again a thirty-something (CTLT, MOH, AAP, PCG, ARMK, USFD, XRX) 2019-02-13
Zayo sale trips over "credible and appropriate" hurdle, time for Colgate's cook to exit the kitchen, Norfolk signs up for 60, GM has itself a spin advisor (ZAYO, CL, NSC, GM, GPK, ELLI, PII, ENS, NSP) 2019-02-12
Pain relief for whiplashed NuVasive holders, PG&E readies board overhaul, Third Point apparently losses interest in UTX, a non-HVAC deal for Ingersoll (NUVA, PCG, UTX, Third Point, IR, NLSN, MSI) 2019-02-11
Zigging and zagging at Zayo, Arconic sees more upside in Plan, Valvoline is leaking oil, "Sequential" is the word of the day at DXC (ZAYO, ARNC, VVV, DXC, MAS, HSIC, SLB, QEP, DVN, PII) 2019-02-08
A banking powerhouse emerges in ACC country, Chipotle boss has eyes on becoming the $10bn man, Zimmer directors see the skies clearing, Anadarko won't retreat from Colorado (BBT/STI, CMG, ZBH, APC, KSU, ADS, NYT, EPC, PLT, YELP, MANH) 2019-02-07
Cognizant Derby goes to an outsider, Arconic chips the ball in a new direction, Bristol story sounds like Collins story, the truth comes out at Cerner (CTSH, ARNC, BMY, CERN, DOX, CDK, AGN, SFLY) 2019-02-06
Centene quarterback will be playing til he's 80, cutting through the noise at Cigna, software LBO's (CNC, CI, Software M&A/LBO, CVLT, ECL, CHD, WRK) 2019-02-05
The ultimate software deal, slippage at MSG, JCI in no hurry to consolidate HVAC space, Berry deal pursuit costs it a director (ULTI, MSG, JCI, PZZA, ROP, BERY, ISBC) 2019-02-04
Post-deal Cigna debut gets trumped, Symantec still dreaming of a big FY20, time for the “next” Knicks owner to step forward, some grumbling heard at Ameriprise (CI, SYMC, MSG, BX, AMP, BC, EW, Pats) 2019-02-01
Time for Cigna to get on its horse, Berry Global undermining its former parent, pondering a script change at Hologic, EBAY’s down payment will not be enough (CI, BERY, HOLX, EBAY, DWDP, MLNX, SCHW, QCOM, NYCB, CDK) 2019-01-31
eBay offers up a down payment, Juniper stumble leaves it vulnerable, breakup question resurfaces at Allergan, CDK’s new deal-maker might go vertical (EBAY, JNPR, AGN, AMGN, CDK, CARS, INTC, MLNX, WWD, CVLT) 2019-01-30
PG&E drops its gloves, Xerox machine is spitting out cash flow, regional banking finally has a deal to celebrate, succession talk at FedEx/YUM (PCG, XRX, Regional Bank M&A, FDX, YUM, JWN, HRC) 2019-01-29
Versum gives up its independence after two years, a curious governance tweak at Norfolk, Jana steps up at Conagra, AbbVie has no plan to pull a Bristol (2016 SpinCo Class, NSC, CAG, ABBV, TCF, COMM, ZAYO) 2019-01-28
Crunch time at Norfolk Southern, more plaque buildup at Colgate, Meister sees Marriott potential at MGM, a $7bn wrinkle at PG&E (NSC, CL, MGM, PCG, JBLU, INTC) 2019-01-25
United Tech CEO puts his foot on the pedal, no need to upset the apple cart at Xilinx, PG&E gets its warning, thinking bigger at Restaurant Brands (UTX, XLNX, PCG, QSR, ABT, KMB) 2019-01-24
Procter's success leaves Colgate with problem, Stanley Works biding its time, Norfolk Southern kicks off a busy few weeks, Apollo avoids a shutout with U.K deal (PG, CL, SWK, NSC, RPC-LON, ASH, CVLT) 2019-01-23
Arconic collapses at the finish line, eBay facing a two-front war, Bunge makes an early call to the bullpen (ARNC, EBAY, BG, EQT, ZAYO) 2019-01-22
New player at MGM’s table, fanning the long-burning embers at Amerisource, precision finds its way to Kansas City Southern, PPG breakup is no sure thing (MGM, ABC, KSU, PPG, SKX, CBRL, KMI) 2019-01-18

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