Event-Driven Research


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A hard landing at United, US Foods gets help from an old friend, Diller building a cushion at Expedia (Airlines, M&A, USFD, EXPE, KO, TGNA) 2020-04-22 4
Can maker not yet ready to reveal its crowning achievement, Albemarle gets a new Master, Opening night at the Garden, TeamRice out of its deep hole at EQT (CCK, EMR, ALB, MSG, HAL, EQT) 2020-04-21 4
Dusting off BWX as "harbormaster" plots strategy, Lennox comes up short of low bar, Bright Horizons welcomes an old fan, Cheesecake story now reads like Ayn Rand (BWXT, LII, CARR, BFAM, CAKE, FLIR, TGNA, CREE) 2020-04-20
Bell-ringing time at Citrix, peace with honor at eBay, Sternlicht gives Extend Stay another look, Covid takes a lasting bite out of Altria (CTXS, EBAY, STAY, MO, ABT, LULU, ABG, JACK, PLT) 2020-04-17 5
Testing in focus as the Ford Era dawns at Abbott, Mohawk bracing for a storm, No qualms with CEO debut at Ashland, interesting hire at Beacon (ABT, MHK, ASH, BECN, MIDD, CLDR, HTZ) 2020-04-16
Airlines manage to avoid dilutive clouds, J&J more suggestive than usual, Ferguson picks door number one, toilet paper talk (Airlines, JNJ, FERG, PNR, PG, KMB, CBRL) 2020-04-15 4
Time for Starboard to declare "victory" at eBay, watching for a delay at Nielsen, Circling back to Ingersoll RMT, "Converts" becoming fashionable (EBAY, NLSN, IR, SABR, WDFC, CLDR, DK) 2020-04-14 5
EBAY finds its new CEO at Walmart, Alnylam now partying with Blackstone, "essential" designation not saving Advanced Auto, clock winding down at MSG (EBAY, ALNY, AAP, MSG, EXP, RTX) 2020-04-13
Cognizant renovation showing promise, a settlement on the outback, Avis activist “upgrades” its position, Will Kinder Morgan stick to its plan? (CTSH, BLMN, CAR, KMI) 2020-04-09 3
RPM restructuring slippage is hard to sugarcoat, Molina’s Lonestar win finally getting its due, Perrigo bucks a trend while it waits for day in court (RPM, MOH, PRGO) 2020-04-08 3
IAC passes an easy math test, Coherent turns the page, Evergy gets a jolt, another Sea World CEO sleeps with the fishes (IAC, COHR, EVRG, SEAS, HXL ) 2020-04-07 4
Aerospace deal felled by the Coronavirus, 2020’s “one shining moment” may feature Berkshire, Carrier breaks cleanly from the starting gate (WWD, HXL, Airlines, CARR, CNP, GDDY) 2020-04-06 4
Walgreens still prescribing share repurchases, new Acuity boss is ready to move past “lackluster,” Twitter selloff getting harder to ignore (WBA, AYI, TWTR, BBBY, PLAY, DIN) 2020-04-03 4
Carnival finds its buyers way beneath the surface, French Fry king suffering from grease fire burns, Macy’s goes from varsity to Frosh/Soph (CCL, M, ARNC, LW, BBBY) 2020-04-02 4
Xerox Quits!, Slippage finding its way onto spinoff calendar, Danaher theft is complete, another crack at Infrastructure Week (XRX, HPQ, Spin Calendar, DHR, ERI, VMC, MLM) 2020-04-01 5
Carnival sounds the alarm, Envestnet plays it safe, HOG settlement lacks sizzle, Axalta finally calls it quits (CCL, ENV, HLF, HOG, AXTA, CVLT, BWA) 2020-03-31 4
Tegna process goes off the air, poison pills becoming a drug of choice, PENN visits the pawn shop, Ackman coaching tree sprouts another branch (TGNA, TPX, PENN, BK, UTX, CRCL, XRX, HPQ) 2020-03-30 5
Williams' offers a non-threatening answer, Molina appears to get a second chance in Texas, SYNNEX hits pause on breakup, busy split schedule ahead (WMB, FLR, MOH, SNX, MSG, ARNC, UTX, APY) 2020-03-26
Phillips 66 won’t be paying up, airline lobbyists earn their pay, ADS passes its stress test, lots of card talk (PSX, OXY, Airlines, ADS, SYF, DFS, GDOT, TWOU) 2020-03-25 5
A silver lining in Twitter update, Axalta can’t call it quits, lots of dividend talk, a Wintertime RMT that can’t thaw out (TWTR, AXTA, Dividend Talk, APY) 2020-03-24 4

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