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The E*TRADE baby goes to work at Morgan Stanley, ALLY deal gets a rude reception, a less than perfect ending at L Brands, Mednax has a United problem (ETFC, ALLY, LB, MD, CAR, BHC, HQY, CHD, TVTY) 2020-02-20 6
False alarm at ACI Worldwide, Agilent hasn’t yet added Pershing to its recipe, sizing up a new contract at JetBlue, HG Vora’s “HR” bet is worth a second look (ACIW, A, JBLU, NSP, TNET, TGNA, BBBY, BLMN) 2020-02-19 5
DuPont’s top salesman gets to work on the engine, Textron strikes out in Montreal, Time to SWAP Peltz’s face for Grant on the $50 bill (DD, TXT, BEN, LM, INST) 2020-02-18 3
Newell’s “core” strength still lacking, a cry for YELP, Baxter has its books back in order, Starboard makes it official at Mednax (NWL, YELP, BAX, IAA, MD, DXC, SON) 2020-02-14 4
Top pit boss walks away from the tables, Emerson avoids Splittsville, CenturyLink hangs up on consumer review, commitment to Europe sinks Molson (MGM, EMR, CTL, TAP, TPX, FLIR, OXY) 2020-02-13 5
Molson revitalization off to a good start, sellside malpractice at Voya, Knicks get a boost from Forbes, former Elliott name prepares to enter the Century Club (TAP, VOYA, MSG, AKAM, OXY, NSP, TGNA, BBBY) 2020-02-12 5
Kitchen sink time at Under Armour, HP now under pressure to clear Q1 bar, OK is good enough at Tegna, XPO hires a ringer (UAA, HPQ, TGNA, XPO, DVA, NSP) 2020-02-11 4
Xerox dials up the heat, last call at E*TRADE, FedEx checks a big self-help box, TARP 2.0 for Scandinavian telcos (XRX, ETFC, FDX, NOK/ERIC, LB, CAR, MSG, FSCT, SYNA, DBX, NLOK, MYGN) 2020-02-10
New DXC quarterback is throwing darts, Teradata remains as muddled as ever, an icy pin finally pricks eBay, FleetCor merging lanes (DXC, TDC, ICE, FLT, FNF, SRCL, BDX, TPR, HAIN, K) 2020-02-07 6
Twitter fortifies its defense, nVent’s time to shine, Nuance morphing into a beast, ice underneath eBay seems to be holding (TWTR, NVT, NUAN, ICE, ALKS, FSCT, ALB, OLN) 2020-02-06 5
Iceberg warning at eBay, Textron circling a "must have," Merck opts for a two-legged spin, Handicapping the Tesla-Chipotle race for $1,000 (EBAY, TXT, MRK, CMG, TXN, ZBH, COT, ETN, ENTG) 2020-02-05
eBay gets a wakeup call, Ferguson has its eye on America, Norton on the loose, a coincidence or the makings of a succession plan at Dropbox? (EBAY, FERG, EMR, NLOK, DBX, SYY, GDOT) 2020-02-04 5
Scratching DuPont off the Celanese menu, AECOM in the spotlight, some added color from Sysco, Ingevity tries to stem the bleeding (CE, ACM, SYY, SON, NGVT, MAC, EQT) 2020-02-03 4
Last call at Colgate, Danaher should be arrested for stealing, Dropbox Googles itself, WWE counted out following Vince’s body slam (CL, DHR, DBX, WWE, HGV, ALXN, WCC, MPC, NAV, ENV) 2020-01-31 6
Strategics may see an opening at Alexion, Amerisource says good riddance, General Dynamics is limbering up, Legg Mason chipping away under Peltz (ALXN, ABC, AXTA, GD, LM, T, MPC, HFC) 2020-01-30 5
One year and a cloud of dust at eBay, Sale talk now conversational at Harley, L Brands going according to script, Penn National orders a slice of Barstool (EBAY, HOG, LB, SWK, PNR, PENN, DLPH/BWA) 2020-01-29 5
Xerox converts on third down, FedEx boss takes another stab at succession, Royal Philips becomes a portfolio shaper, new degree offered at Laureate (XRX, FDX, PHG, LAUR, CAR, MMM, MMSI, TXT, INST) 2020-01-28 6
Regional banking arms race continues in SEC country, finish line now in sight at Arconic, DaVita buyback looking more like a grand slam (CSFL/SSB, ARNC, DVA, ANET, TWOU) 2020-01-27 4
JetBlue still gung-ho on key EPS target, Timberland no longer a sacred cow at VF, Xerox slate has one purpose in mind, no change in script at Webster (JBLU, AAL, VFC, XRX, HPQ, WBS, KDP) 2020-01-24 4

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