Event-Driven Research


Title Date Pages
An uncivil development at JNJ, Arconic doing just fine on its own, more divergence in the beer space (SYMC, JNJ, ARNC, ABI/TAP, GILD) 2019-07-15 4
New Colgate CEO gets his feet wet, dam breaks at Illumina, a sweet update from Accenture, the fever breaks at Cigna (CL, A, ILMN, ACN, NWL, CNDT, CI, AXTA) 2019-07-12 4
Multi-Industry (2Q19 Earnings Preview Call ) 2019-07-12 2
Sand in the hourglass getting low at KeyCorp, dreaming of an ideal vacation at Hilton Grand, Agilent strikes a syrupy deal, Oxy now throwing "rocks" at Icahn (KEY, HGV, A, OXY, OC) 2019-07-11 4
Affordable Care Act gets banged around, TeamRice sails to victory at EQT, eBay on deck, six weeks and counting at Aramark (ACA, EQT, EBAY, ARMK, DVA, CG) 2019-07-10 5
Big day in Louisiana for health insurers, ADI CEO now has both hands free, L3Harris estimates need some sorting out, A second cardinal shows up at Dentsply (ACA, ACIA, ADI, LHX, XRAY, THS, MSTR) 2019-07-09
Broadcom putting the finishing touches on Symantec, sellside dismissing F5’s M&A potential, the makings of a pivot seen at Nestle (SYMC, FFIV, JNPR, OR, NESN, BECN, BKD) 2019-07-08 4
Broadcom thinning out the software herd with Symantec grab, high volume alert at Packaging Corp, what’s next for special sit Hall of Famer? (SYMC, Software M&A, PKG, ABBV, Chris Coughlin) 2019-07-03 4
Raytheon now on a five-day bender, KAR Auction plan working as designed, Freeport hits investors with warning as they wait on BoD refresh (RTN, KAR, CARS, FCX, PFGC, USFD) 2019-07-02 4
Genesee keeps the M&A train rolling, time has come for Dolan to sell the Knicks, a look at pay problems in the S&P 500, EQT in big trounle (GWR, MSG, OC, EQT, CDK) 2019-07-01 5
Sifting through pay votes for the next AECOM, hard to find an Axalta copy-cat, Sealed Air haunted by auditor swap (Say on Pay Activist Targets, Axalta Mimics?, ETN, SEE, MRK, SFM, APY) 2019-06-21 5
Wishing good luck to Starboard’s newest target, a sigh of relief at DaVita, a change of symbolic importance at Zimmer, high volume alerts at Sabre/Nordstrom (ACM, AXTA, DVA, HQY, ZBH, SABR, JWN) 2019-06-20 5
Axalta coats itself in a strategic review, Lookie-Loos leave NCR alone, Sabre struggling to stay out of an inauspicious club (AXTA, NCR, NLSN, SABR, IQV, AGN) 2019-06-19 4
United Technologies pushes back on the pushback, Tempur Sealy is back in bed with Mattress Firm, GCP can't find the finish line, painting IDEX with an RMT brush (UTX, RTN, TPX, GCP, MGLN, CARS, Regional Bank M&A, IEX, EQT, SUM) 2019-06-18 5
Pfizer sifts through an array of opportunities for its newest bolt-on, AECOM is ready to spin, Texas chips in with a bank deal (BID, PFE, MRK, ACM, CNC, PB, Oil Services) 2019-06-17 4
Ashland becoming a hot event-driven ticket, should HD Supply be paying attention to Trian’s latest move?, Jana looking for an eagle at Callaway (ASH, DE, FERG, CPB, ELY) 2019-06-14 4
The resistance gathers outside of United Technologies, marriage season in software rolls on, one down and one to go at Interpublic (UTX, MDSO, IPG, DVA, MAT) 2019-06-12 4
Skipping past the Honeywell-GE chatter without even a pause, Symantec getting lumped in with an ugly crowd, former United “activist” still adding (HON, SYMC, UAL, SFLY) 2019-06-11 3
A missile shot from United Technologies, Salesforce returns for Tableau, death of M&A has been greatly exaggerated, the rebuild at Kraft starts now (UTX, CRM, 2019 M&A, KHC, ADS, NBR) 2019-06-10 6
Time to dust off the pitch-books at Arconic, Campbell Soup has some new gains to protect next week, looking for a better sophomore year from Perspecta (ARNC, QEP, CPB, PRSP, FLT) 2019-06-07 4

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