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M&A pipeline still healthy despite Q3 slump, MGM comes up with a down payment on asset-light, drug wholesalers steer clear of worst-case, Club Apollo picks up a new member (M&A, MGM, ABC, CAH, MCK, TECD, SIRI, EMR) 2019-10-16
AECOM may have another gear, good times in insulation and roofing, Hilton Grand update draws a surprisingly measured response (ACM, BLD, BECN, HGV, TGNA) 2019-10-15
Boeing's board issues a warning, AT&T buys itself five days, another defection at Owens Corning, a quick roundtrip for a summer SpinCo (BA, T, OC, PE, IAA, ACM) 2019-10-14
Delta can’t shake “the question,” Diller isn’t ready to dump Angie just yet, Surprising changeup at SAP, M&A talk at Hormel sounds like bologna (DAL, IAC, SAP, HRL, IPG, DD) 2019-10-11
Judge sends PG&E on a trip to no-man’s land, Fortune Brands may be itching to pull a “Masco,” Apollo sticking its nose in AT&T’s business, Summit Materials cementing a new high (PCG, FBHS, T, OXY, BBBY, SUM) 2019-10-10
A “new” beginning for Ashland, Axalta update is not encouraging, SPAC talk makes its way onto the backlot at Lions Gate, “HP” has become a dirty two-letter word (ASH, Board of Directors, AXTA, LGF, HP, HPQ, ELY) 2019-10-09
Qiagen succumbs to "peer" pressure, Celanese special sit finally gets some media attention, time running out at PTC, Coors trying to avoid the Golden Sombrero (QGEN, CE, PTC, TAP) 2019-10-08
Aramark finds peace atop the ridge, where did all the M&A go?, RingCentral picks up a deal of the year nomination (ARMK, M&A, RNG, IIVI, FUN) 2019-10-07
The Kirby Plan disintegrates at American Airlines, new HP CEO isn't waiting around for a push, Box unpacks some new operating targets (AAL, HPQ, BOX, STZ, AVYA) 2019-10-04
Zoetis adds another Peck to the S&P 500 CEO club, E*TRADE better be ready for "the question," a deal the kids will love, two ValueAct names grab the spotlight (ZTS, ETFC, SIX, FEYE, LKQ, TSG) 2019-10-03
Mr. Schwab's dream becomes an industry-wide nightmare, a whiff of smoke at HPQ, the window opens at Aramark (AMTD, ETFC, SCHW, HPQ, ARMK, NVT, NUAN) 2019-10-02
Emerson’s Farr may be more peanut than walnut, Tegna’s ten-percenter wants a seat at the table, Newell’s new quarterback looks to keep the drive going (EMR, TGNA, BOX, NWL, CLX, FERG) 2019-10-01
Emerson finally gets the knock, Bank of New York audible shouldn’t upset continuity, shades of AT&T seen at Marathon, FedEx successfully whips the vote (EMR, BK, MPC, EBAY, FDX, BKD) 2019-09-30
A Quarter that deal-seekers would just assume forget, now or never for Western Union, PayPal squirrels away more nuts (M&A Pipeline, WU, PYPL, LYB, QCOM) 2019-09-23
Xilinx left to fight a trade war with only one hand, time is running out for KeyCorp to make its move, a feint pulse heard at LogMeIn (XLNX, ACHC, KEY, OC, LOGM, DVA) 2019-09-20
AT&T checks a box with DirecTV leak, Blackstone pulls $600m cash out of the ATM, a familiar face joins the crowd at Hilton Grand (T, NCR, HGV, ACHC, CC, MMM) 2019-09-19
A key figure emerges at Axalta, FedEx screws up a delivery ahead of Monday’s AGM, Sirius not interested in Live Nation tickets, Masco breaks a Cardinal Rule (AXTA, FDX, SIRI, MAS, ALXN) 2019-09-18
AT&T boss may not be headed out to pasture yet, PayPal’s wallet is stuffed, SeaWorld can’t find itself a quarterback, any juice left to squeeze at Aramark? (T, PYPL, SEAS, ARMK, MGM, IFF) 2019-09-17
Ten candid questions for Apollo’s Josh Harris, Peltz limbering up to do some Procter cartwheels, new Discover CFO has a special knack for special sits (APO, PG, DFS, HTZ, SPAC Talk) 2019-09-16
Carrier juices up its deal team, “working group” at DXC might appeal to an activist, Lawrie-gazing at Perspecta, a scramble for the last seat at Fluor (UTX, DXC, PRSP, AXTA, FLR, AMCX, MSG, CHD) 2019-09-13

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