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Icahn circling the bases at CVI, Breen has “deals” in mind for DuPont, Otis has its eye on Germany, Qualcomm gets KO’d in federal court (CVI, DWDP, UTX, QCOM, LOW, UHS, CC, MNK) 2019-05-22
Celanese and DuPont noise is getting louder, Peltzian breakup idea dies at PPG, Kohl’s cruising the wrong way down the Amazon (CE, DWDP, PPG, KSS, LM, QEP, NCR, DISH) 2019-05-21
Smoke and now fire at Lions Gate, American Airlines could use a push; Medicines Co scores on a corner kick (LGF, AAL, MDCO, LM, DXC, MD) 2019-05-21
Smoke and now fire at Lions Gate, American Airlines could use a push; Medicines Co scores on a corner kick (LGF, AAL, MDCO, LM, DXC, MD) 2019-05-20
Valvoline plan fails to inspire, Denner dialing up the pressure at Ironwood, Halliburton comp program gets back into the win column (VVV, IRWD, MDCO, HAL, EQT) 2019-05-17
Centene clarification could use more clarity, five-year handcuffs aren’t a problem at Allergan, no room to settle at EQT (CNC, AGN, EQT, JACK, DOX) 2019-05-16
13-F Analysis (LOGM, LPX, GCP, REZI, ARMK, VVV, FCX, ACHC, BERY, CC, Jana, JAZZ, LKQ, LM, PENN) 2019-05-16
Humana trying to check an elusive box, Peltz goes Back to the Future, Freeport in the middle of gold talks, another springtime letdown at Agilent (HUM, LM, FCX, A, CVET, WBT) 2019-05-15
Plan B for L-B, Nordstrom’s has returned to more interesting levels, DuPont ready to debut as an industrial (LB, JWN, DWDP, EPG Conference, HON ) 2019-05-14
Sempra hire points to more M&A ahead, vying for the Iron Throne at BBBY, the resistance speaks up at Occidental, recent SpinCo has lost its schein (SRE, BBBY, OXY, BMY, CVET, CFX, YELP) 2019-05-13
The Blue Coat era at Symantec comes to a dreary end, M&A squarely on the radar at WYNN, CommScope trips out of the gate, a bad day for Carl (SYMC, WYNN, AVYA, COMM, CNDT, TEN, NOMD, REZI) 2019-05-10
Tracking a pivot at CenturyLink, Conduent follows in its father's footsteps, flavoring Nuance with some NCR, a lot to unpack at Perrigo (CTL, CNDT, KN, NUAN, PRGO, CVX, EPC, EQT, EXP) 2019-05-09
A buyer finally passes Zayo’s test, Allergan CEO looking to make amends, looking through Pioneer CEO’s “hard no,” a call for change at Aramark (ZAYO, AGN, PXD, DVA, BG, ARMK, KAR, GCP, NCR, MYL) 2019-05-08
Skies over Centene getting smokier, another flavorless meal at Aramark, Zion watch at MSG, Sinclair is the leader in the clubhouse (CNC, ARMK, PXD, MSG, SBGI, BHC, OC) 2019-05-07
Occidental’s uncorks a tyrannical gambit, Centene proxy raises some eyebrows, keeping an eye on Extended Stay as peers combine (OXY, CNC, STAY, BC, NWL, SRCL, CEO OVERBOARDING) 2019-05-06
Cognizant epilogue includes a nasty twist, new Gilead boss isn’t looking for elephants, Dentsply keeps rolling, a comfortable rest ahead at Tempur (CTSH, GILD, MAR, XRAY, XYL, TPX, TFX, FLR, SFM) 2019-05-03
3M completes "Heel Turn" with big M&A move, wind doesn't stop Cigna from sticking its Q1 shot, a hiccup at Hilton Grand, Valvoline leaking into 2-yr anniversary (MMM, CI, HGV, VVV, NUVA, APO, JCI) 2019-05-02
Allergan boss survives his confidence vote, Occidental hand-holding tour continues, Conoco getting some tougher questions, Acadia plan still under wraps (AGN, OXY, COP, THC, ACHC, CVLT, PRGO, REZI) 2019-05-01
Occidental’s trip to Omaha pays off, Nielsen checks to May, hard to see a sale coming at G&W, an Ingersoll idea for Textron (OXY, NLSN, GWR, ARNC, TXT, EMN, ETN, HQY, AGN, ADS) 2019-04-30
Ingersoll finds a workaround to dis-synergy obstacle, Occidental seen in Omaha, a teary-eyed farewell for DaVita boss, Lyondell ready for overtime in Brazil (IR, PH, APC, DVA, XOM, LYB, LEA, JNJ, AMP, WYNN) 2019-04-29

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