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Elliott picks up Janus as an ally at AthenaHealth, Icahn and Corvex teaming up at Energen, a second city bank deal, Blackstone gets the goal at LaSalle (ATHN, EGN, FITB, LHO, VMW, ADNT, WAB, MIDD, ROP) 2018-05-21
No more soup for Campbell’s CEO, Molina faces make-or-break test in Washington, Cerner finally gets the VA to say “yes” (CPB, MOH, CERN, MLNX, BAX) 2018-05-18
IDEXX losing some of its gloss, Chris Hohn walking the rails once again, JNJ fine with its current pie, "simplification" is the word of the day in energy (IDXX, CP, NSC, JNJ, ENB, WMB, LNG, CMG, CARS) 2018-05-17
13F Analysis (ADP, ZTS, EQT, ISBC, DISH, BTU, CMCSA, IP, ANTM, PF, COMM, EVHC, MSG, MITL) 2018-05-16
Symantec corrals its accounting issue, Wynn boardroom disassembly is nearly complete, MSG hoping its good fortune will carry over to NBA lotto (SYMC, WYNN, MSG, VNO, TCO, USG) 2018-05-15
No more quacking at Xerox, Qualcomm should relocate to Pennsylvania Avenue, Kinder attracting a new buyer, hard to see an activist jump on Symantec (XRX, QCOM, KMI, SYMC, PPG, CVG) 2018-05-14
KKR running strong at Envision, time to downgrade sale hopes at D&B, new Nuance CEO walks into a mess, still waiting on hold at Convergys (EVHC, DNB, NUAN, CVG, APY, NBR) 2018-05-10
KAR story remains intact, M&A story at JAZZ is a little quieter, signal goes out at DISH, where is the "review" talk at Energen? (KAR, JAZZ, DISH, ORLY, CTXS, EGN, ACM) 2018-05-09
Watching for a pivot at IAC, three months later at Dun & Bradstreet, another Gigamonster move from Elliott, 40 North and the Grace Bro (IAC, DNB, ATHN, EVHC, GRA, HAIN, MLNX, PSTG, XRX, LNG) 2018-05-08
Medtronic brings in some help, Polk pushes back against Starboard, no deals ahead for EOG, lifeboats seen at Huntington (MDT, NWL, EOG, HII, JEC, ISBC) 2018-05-07
Xerox mess turns into a pig sty, ZAYO REIT plan inches forward, is Cerner still a growth company?, watching for Kellogg to enter Pinnacle Stakes (XRX, ZAYO, NWL, IP, EFX, CERN, K, CAG, PF, DWDP, CAH, TVPT) 2018-05-04
Moving Hologic CEO from “Strong Buy” to “outperform,” no quit at Kraft, KKR delivers, waiting on ADP to goose its margin outlook (HOLX, KHC, PF, EPC, KKR, XPO, ADP, NCR, ADS, MSG, SPR) 2018-05-03
Surrender at Xerox, sizing up L-3's interest in shipbuilding, Commscope moves to the vulnerable column, MEDNAX boss punches back (XRX, LLL, IRWD, COMM, MSG, TAP, MD, EVHC, USG, THC) 2018-05-02
Allergan boss taps the brakes, Splitsville at Ironwood , Celanese underwhelms with nod to $11, Elliott breaks into the Vault (AGN, IRWD, CE, CVLT, MD, ARNC, KLXI, FDC, SPR, HAS, THC) 2018-05-01
Marathon's newest endeavor is Andeavor, Deason floors Xerox, outgoing CNH CEO leaves breakup talk for successor, Son hopes he doesn't get Hocked (MPC, XRX, CNHI, ILG, LHO, S, TMUS, CHTR, VZ, USG, AGN, NCR, KLXI) 2018-04-30
Waiting on Fuji to toss XRX an extra five bucks, new Mattel CEO seems ready to stay a while, MEDNAX hit with a one-two combo (XRX, MAT, IP, EQT, MD, ORLY) 2018-04-27
Feasting at Chipotle ahead of the Niccol Plan, new CFO furthers software story at F5, Citrix turns 100, USG smells a bit like an old Riverbed (CMG, FFIV, CTXS, PKG, IP, BMS, ANTM, DHR, USG) 2018-04-26
USG showing some spunk, Shire gets tired of saying “no,” Whitbread maps out history’s longest coffee break, all smiles at TD Ameritrade (USG, SHPG, AMGN, WTB, AMTD, LMT, CAT, WAT, WAB) 2018-04-25
"Five" may be the magic number for Takeda, Stericycle deflects sale talk, the hole in Akzo's standalone story, XPO sizes up its bandwidth (SHPG, SRCL, AKZA, LHO, KMB, XPO, AA, STE) 2018-04-24
Shining up Henry Schein with some spinco varnish, royal rumble avoided at Newell, Schwab isn't a hard no on E*TRADE, Norway's version of a wedding crasher (HSIC, NWL, SCHW, MDR, SWK, WAB, AKRX) 2018-04-23

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