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Nielsen finishes back where it started, KAR breaks down leaving the garage, Sea World scoops its next CEO into the boat, delays at CenturyLink/Acadia (NLSN, KAR, SEAS, CTL, ACHC, OXY, DNOW) 2019-11-07
Xerox swings for the fences and may have some help, Walgreen’s boss is running out of patience, LBO talk in bloom at Outback; time to screen PwC list for shorts (HPQ, WBA, BLMN, AYR, DVA, ACHC, ARNC, IFF, PwC, MYGN) 2019-11-06
Xerox is free at last, newest Emerson director has SpinCo CEO potential, Symantec turns the page, Family stake now conversational at Columbia (XRX, EMR, NLOK, COLM, OXY, NSP, UAA, FHN, IBKC, Pershing Square) 2019-11-05
Stryker has the wright stuff; Easterbrook fries up a bad career move at McDonalds; Tough Mother passes away at Columbia, Silver Lake looks to dunk on Dolan (SYK, MCD, COLM, MSG, UAA, TWOU, T, HGV, DNOW) 2019-11-04
A cloud networking star falls back to Earth, pictures at FLIR are coming in blurry, ValueAct scoring quickly at LKQ; Chemistry 101 (ANET, FLIR, LKQ, SRCL, NWL, DD, OLN, UNVR, INST) 2019-11-01
Marathon passes out its Halloween goodies, Humana joins the Astros in the Texas loser's circle, Global opioid settlement won't arrive by Christmas, strong opening from L3Harris (MPC, HUM, MCK, MIC, LHX, WDC, AXE, YUM) 2019-10-31
New Molson CEO whips out the activist playbook, "Distributors" suddenly getting lots of love, a hosting deal that doesn't include Cyrus, who will Boeing turn to next? (TAP, AXE, XRX, DLR/INXN, MAT, BA, SUM, XPO, ETN, FLEX) 2019-10-30
Elliott closing in on Findlay Marathon victory, Nordstrom Family denied again, MolsonCoors looks to break streak, two CEOs headed in different directions (MPC, JWN, TAP, IP, CHTR, ETFC, BAX) 2019-10-29
AT&T sees at least $4.50 on the horizon, Tiffany finally receives an engagement ring, JetBlue winning some love, a new CEO seen FLEXing her muscles (T, TIF, JBLU, FLEX, VFC, LPT) 2019-10-28
American CEO can hear footsteps, throwing Nokia/Juniper file in the garbage, cloudy days ahead at Baxter, Should 3M be worried it’s next? (AAL, NOK, JNPR, BAX, MMM, ADS, SIX, CLGX) 2019-10-25
eBay sputters out, Fortune Brands leaves the cabinet door open, PTC breaks its slump, prayers for Ayers at IDEXX (EBAY, FBHS, PTC, IDXX, AYR, CLGX, CVI, EVR) 2019-10-24
Nike draft pick has a lot of upside, JetBlue holding on to the dream, UTX CFO now a free agent, Boeing produces a sacrificial lamb (NKE, NOW, JBLU, UTX, BA, SIX, REZI, CVET, CE, RF) 2019-10-23
Biogen becomes a “comeback of the year” nominee, Ackman’s real estate developer leaves investors wanting more, Freeport adds to its bench while AT&T may lose a key starter (BIIB, HHC, AMTD, CE, FCX, KAR, FSCT) 2019-10-22
A quick about face at Smith & Nephew; Schwab sidesteps big question, odds getting longer for Boeing chief, an interesting signal from Regions Financial (SN, SCHW, BA, RF, SLB, MTOR) 2019-10-21
New reality has E*TRADE ready to talk; BizJet consolidation talk finds its way to Textron; Kansas City Southern putting up points like the Chiefs, Trick or treating this year at Marathon (ETFC, TXT, KSU, MPC, T) 2019-10-18
Alcoa looks to boost its ESG street cred, another paper cut at Textron, Emerson presents its case (AA, ARMK, TXT, EMR, XPO) 2019-10-17
M&A pipeline still healthy despite Q3 slump, MGM comes up with a down payment on asset-light, drug wholesalers steer clear of worst-case, Club Apollo picks up a new member (M&A, MGM, ABC, CAH, MCK, TECD, SIRI, EMR) 2019-10-16
AECOM may have another gear, good times in insulation and roofing, Hilton Grand update draws a surprisingly measured response (ACM, BLD, BECN, HGV, TGNA) 2019-10-15
Boeing's board issues a warning, AT&T buys itself five days, another defection at Owens Corning, a quick roundtrip for a summer SpinCo (BA, T, OC, PE, IAA, ACM) 2019-10-14
Delta can’t shake “the question,” Diller isn’t ready to dump Angie just yet, Surprising changeup at SAP, M&A talk at Hormel sounds like bologna (DAL, IAC, SAP, HRL, IPG, DD) 2019-10-11

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