Event-Driven Research


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Weak signal coming out of Amerisource, Alexion boss does his best GHRA impression, sellers waiting in line outside PNC, Second Act begins at Cloudera (ABC, ALXN, PNC, MDT, WU, CLDR, M, ELY, NLOK, DNB) 2020-06-10
Eighty bucks and XPO is still a no, Nuance SpinCo is flourishing, keeping tabs on a BoSox loss, another Walmart alum gets tapped (XPO, HDS, Spin Talk, BSX, HBI, TIF, HTZ) 2020-06-09
AstraZeneca has Gilead on its mind, ON Semi thinks it may have a Koch problem, Rockwell rings the $225 bell, Icahn storms back at OxyDarko (AZN, ON, ROK, GRUB, VG, OXY) 2020-06-08
Prominent termite fighter weighing its options, eBay finds its way to half a hundred, Mednax ready to sever another head, VW proposal still alive at Navistar (ROL, EBAY, MD, SJM, NAV, MIC) 2020-06-05
Protest at Oxy underwhelms, Hexcel trips a warning wire, Amgen loss is Moderna’s gain, does Tiffany sell diamond ear plugs? (OXY, HXL, MRNA, TIF, CLDR, BOX) 2020-06-04 4
Big day for Perrigo, Twitter board swaps in one googler for another, circling back to Syneos, trucking legend turns the page (PRGO, TWTR, SYNH, GRUB, TIF, WERN) 2020-06-03
Time for Fidelity National to wake up, Western Union gives MoneyGram another try, time for Lowe’s to close the gap, Goodbye Kent Thiry (FNF, WU, LOW, DVA, VAR, MDLA) 2020-06-02 4
Alexion now in the red zone, Zynga eyeing double digits, Coty throws a curveball, OXY now scrapping for every last dime (ALXN, ZNGA, COTY, OXY) 2020-06-01 3
Closing the book on Tapestry, DXC is running out of things to cut, Don’t sleep on CF’s Tony Will, Kimberly CEO is still a “no” (TPR, DXC, GCP, CF, KMB) 2020-05-29 4
Hatchet burial at Alexion may open a gate, HP taps the brakes on its 325 plan, plenty of good stuff inside Starboard’s “Box,” M&A guidance at Mondelez now tilting upward (ALXN, HPQ, BOX, MDLZ, CFG, HTZ) 2020-05-28 4
Dropbox has a Facebook moment, HP back in action, two more Say on Pay failures, June brings two SpinCo anniversaries (DBX, HPQ, MMSI, BG, SSNC, PRSP, WH) 2020-05-27 4
Elanco shareholders are growling, twisted European web may finally be ready to unravel, activism thoughts for two package deliverers (ELAN, REGN, NESN, FDX, UPS, TCBI/IBTX, TAP) 2020-05-26 4
Protestors seen outside Alkermes, BoSox will have some of what Becton’s having, PENN soaring on Bayou bettors, flat rollers begin to perk up (ALKS, Say on Pay Talk, BSX, PENN, ARNC, CSTM) 2020-05-21 4
No sign of protest seen outside Alexion, Becton mysteriously squirreling away a $3bn nut, Spotify grabs itself a Stern, Hunger Games back on the air at Lions Gate (ALXN, BDX, SPOT, LGF, SYY, HLF) 2020-05-20 4
Dunkin will have to wait, Alexion looks to be dawdling, window talk at DXC and Smuckers, Chipotle edges out Elon (DNKN, ALXN, DXC, SJM, HAIN, MGM, HP, REZI, CMG) 2020-05-19 5
Keeping an eye on Peltz’s toothpaste, Norton cutting its path towards $1.50; Wealthy Czech showing love for struggling U.S. retailers, Elliott 13-F correction (CL, DLTR, NLOK, FL, GRUB, HI, HTZ, SWK, VFC) 2020-05-18 5
13F Analysis (ALKS, Elliott, Eminence, BX, A, Jana, NWL, NAV, Trian, HPQ, ACIW, SERV, FDX, AOS, MDLA) 2020-05-18 6
A possible explanation for the February one-eighty at Dropbox, swap-talk at McKesson, Peltz is keeping busy, volume alert at Marsh McLennan (DBX, MCK, Trian, HI, MMC, STAY) 2020-05-15
Honeywell signals getting louder, Teleflex looking for IPO casualties, DraftKings has shown an explosive burst, Walgreen’s coughing its way into the $30s (HON, TFX, GRUB, DKNG, WBA) 2020-05-14 4
Deal tables waiting on a Grubhub delivery, roster building at NetApp, a refresh at FactSet, Double shot of AMC speculation (GRUB, NTAP, FDS, BHC, CVLT, AMC Deal Talk) 2020-05-13 4

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