Event-Driven Research


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Perspecta outed as a strategic explorer, Lowe’s sighting in Atlanta, Grace says no to sixty, NextEra turned down again (PRSP, HDS, GRA, AAP, NEE, ALKS, XPO) 2020-11-10 5
Grace under pressure, Elliott spoils F5’s party, coloring Twitter with an F5 crayon, another gut-wrenching rollercoaster ride on “The Biogen” (GRA, FFIV, TWTR, VFC, BIIB, AIG, DXC) 2020-11-09 5
Sutton Splash soaks Olin, Hanesbrands gets taken to the cleaners, Cigna shows a pulse, CVS finds itself a new Lynchpin (OLN, ELAN, HBI, CI, CVS, NYT, FNF) 2020-11-06 4
Invesco gathers three new assets, Biogen breakout should quiet M&A talk, last call at ACI Worldwide, International Flavors could stand some sugar (IVZ, BIIB, ACIW, IFF, FLIR, WCC) 2020-11-05 4
Infrastructure fans hit a bump in a road, No-go for Perrigo, DaVita is golden once again (MLM, VMC, PRGO, DVA) 2020-11-04 3
Juggling act lives on at Twitter, CoreLogic returns fire, Arista breaks out of its slump, No sign of an international sale at CDK Global (TWTR, CLGX, MANH, ANET, CDK, ACHC, COLM) 2020-11-03 5
An array of options for FLEX, CoreLogic continues to spit out plot twists, Teeing up a Callaway idea, Honeymoon is over at NuVasive (FLEX, CLGX, ELY, AIV, LBO Market, CHTR, NUVA, MHK, ACA, FLR) 2020-11-02 6
Heads roll at FirstEnergy, Slow growth slows Dorsey’s roll, Nomination talk at Valvoline and Alkermes, No hint of Comcast giving up on its three prongs (FE, TWTR, VRTX, ALKS, VVV, CMCSA, APO, ADS, LIVN) 2020-10-30 6
A marvelous ending for Inphi, false alarm at Western Digital, Chubb boss tells investors to “stay tuned,” CoreLogic skates into the seventies (MRVL, WDC, CB, CLGX, BG, NOC, ELY, ON) 2020-10-29 5
Time to discuss the elephant in the room at Grace, smoke detector isn't ringing at Sealed Air, Invesco pushes back, Harley delivering for Impala, Callaway pulls out its driver (GRA, SEE, IVZ, BEN, HOG, SWI, NLSN, ELY) 2020-10-28 5
AMD pushes Xilinx across the finish line, five-year seed sprouts at AIG, Adelson may be “Leaving Las Vegas,” Tapestry is done throwing curveballs (AMD, AIG, LVS, TPR, FFIV) 2020-10-27 4
Roark ready to pay $106 for a coffee and box of donuts, Cigna having trouble keeping up, Eyeing Apollo through the Wynn prism, 13-F season gets off to an uncommonly early start (DNKN, CI, APO, Pershing Square, TWTR, FITB, DUK) 2020-10-26 5
New Danaher CEO is ready to go again, ACI Worldwide rounds out its roster, cheers heard outside The Gap, “The Burgh” sends out invites to a big wedding (DHR, ACIW, SAM, GPS, EQT, WFC, AXTA, CINF) 2020-10-23 5
Lights still on at Xilinx but flickering, Evercore drops “unsolicited” into the conversation, No sign of peace at Crown Castle, VF eyes a spot in the Boston Marathon (XLNX, EVR, CCI, TWTR, VFC, KMI, DK/CVI) 2020-10-22 5
Apollo lays the groundwork for “Key Man” recovery, Roth Era draws to a close at IPG, Charter’s Rutledge is three outs away from a title (APO, IPG, CHTR, RH, Utilities, PNR, Oil M&A) 2020-10-21 5
Starboard tops off its tank at ACI Worldwide, Pentair has itself a Phelpsian quarter in the pool, next oil deal looks like a family affair, Crown review trudges on (ACIW, PNR, PXD, CCK, CTVA) 2020-10-20 4
A hidden nugget at FLEX finds the spotlight, Concho swaps an “H” for an “O,” no more clutter at CREE, Apollo is burned and now spurned (FLEX, COP, CREE, APO, CUB, VFC, FCNCA) 2020-10-19 5
CIT Group finally finds its way to the finish line, Kansas City LBO story leaves the station, AMD taking its sweet time, Covetrus doing wonderful things for CDR (CIT, KSU, NAV, VRTX, AMD, XLNX, CVET, PRMW) 2020-10-16
Turnaround types getting on the Sutton train at Olin, a whiff of excitement at Grace, Walgreens ignores the buyback trend, Where does the NY Times go from here? (OLN, GRA, WBA, NYT, AMCX, Trian, NAV) 2020-10-15 5
Conoco appears to be drafting off Chevron, Guidewire breaks a rule, Grace has trouble to its North, Teladoc getting its mojo back (COP, GWRE, GRA, PNC, TDOC, CLDR) 2020-10-14

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