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The gloves stay on Occidental, airline request for upgrade is denied, MGM plays it safe, a quick hook at CNH (OXY, Airlines, MGM, CNHI, T, DBX, BOX, ACHC, ADS) 2020-03-23 5
Occidental boss throws a Hail Mary, XPO scrubs review, auto renters running out of road, is that smoke over Williams? (OXY, XPO, CAR, HTZ, DK, CVI, WMB, EBAY) 2020-03-20 5
Impala takes credit for Boss Hogg firing, Blackstone shows off its iron jaw, "open minded" words from Starboard at eBay (HOG, BX, EBAY, ARMK) 2020-03-19
FedEx avoids another crash landing, Marathon drags two questions across the finish line, Tegna gets a divine offer, Aramark getting pressured on multiple fronts (FDX, MPC, TGNA, XPO, NAV, ARMK, ATI) 2020-03-18 5
Airlines have fifty billion reasons to worry, HD Supply still on schedule, FleetCor looks for a W on comp, PENN can’t catch a break (Airlines, HDS, DD, FLT, PENN) 2020-03-17 4
Greetings from Thunderdome, an impala now charging a hog, Lockheed climbs the tower for its next CEO, closing the circle at Macerich (HOG, ARMK, LMT, MAC) 2020-03-16 4
Full steam ahead for Starboard at eBay, UPS finds its next CEO in the boardroom, Activision googles up a succession plan, NBA suspension talk (EBAY, UPS, ATVI, MSG, OXY, MPC, NAV) 2020-03-12 5
Things are never simple at DXC, the Saudi hammer falls on OxyDarko; JetBlue doesn’t see consolidation on its radar, Insider buying in the headlights at KAR (DXC, OXY, CLDR, JBLU, PEP, KAR, TOL, TMO, AMCR) 2020-03-11 5
Activism should feast on the wreckage, gate is open at FedEx, two paths now open at Twitter, Tapestry holding on to its in-house activist (LKQ, FDX, TWTR, TPR, SYNH, WCC, BERY, SJM) 2020-03-10 5
Aon is what Willis has been talking about, Don’t sleep on FactSet’s comp tweak, Chase is on at Tegna, shock and awe in oil (TWTR, WLTW/AON, FDS, TGNA, WCC, Oil Talk) 2020-03-09 5
Dorsey won’t be tweeting from Africa, tickets to MSG breakup now going for $250, Gap gets on base with a Syngal, Canon-fire aiding TeamHP’s defense (TWTR, MSG, GPS, NXPI, WDC, HPQ, CTXS, HRB) 2020-03-06 5
The other HP has issues that need addressing, Starboard may be headed home from Roanoke, SLM turns the page, Guidewire tripped up in the cloud (HPE, AAP, SLM, GWRE, BERY, WCC, UNVR) 2020-03-05 5
No reason to sweat the little stuff at Centene, a good "out" at Dollar Tree, dominoes falling at Laureate, KKR bulking up at Dave & Busted (CNC, DLTR, TPX, SYY, LAUR, CVX, PINC, PLAY, LIVN) 2020-03-04
Persistence pays off for Thermo, watching JAZZ through a different prism, day one at the new Ingersoll, Newell comes down with a PwC cough (QGEN, JAZZ, IR, TT, NWL, CVX, ADS) 2020-03-03
Elliott looking to clip Dorsey’s little blue wings, eyeing the next Boss Hogg, settlement time in the “Show Me” State, OXY firming up its slate (TWTR, HOG, OLN, EVRG, OXY, MDT, WSC, MINI, FTSV, HRB, W) 2020-03-02 6
FLIR nursing a very serious self-inflicted wound, printer working overtime at HP, Elliott wins high praise from previous target, Rausings spicing up their stake in IFF (FLIR, HPQ, RPM, IFF, HGV, ACHC, BBBY) 2020-02-28 5
Scanning the skies for buzzards over Alexion, OxyDarko wheezing into earnings, FLIR unveils new self-help story, Mead Johnson is now 2017’s biggest turkey (ALXN, OXY, FLIR, HGV, CLH, BOX, RB-LN, NOK) 2020-02-27 5
MAGA trade a problem for BWX, Voya tax asset presents a problem, Wesco choking, Freshpet barking, Arconic planting (BWXT, VOYA, GCP, PZZA, BERY, UNVR, WCC, FRPT, SJM, ARNC) 2020-02-26 6
New HP defense looks much improved, eyeing Olin as an Axiall 2.0 candidate, a slump-busting quarter from Merit Medical, diving deeper at Aon as key anniversary approaches (HPQ, OLN, MMSI, CAR, SIX, BA, WLTW/AON, YELP, IEX, HCSG) 2020-02-25 6
FIG deals falling out of the sky like hail, eight hundred basis points of mystery at Dropbox, a critical jump lies ahead for HP, eBay asks for a little patience (FIG M&A, DBX, HPQ, EBAY, BERY, NGVT) 2020-02-24 5

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