Title Tickers Date
ITT: ITT - 3Q18 beat expectations; Friction up 7% ITT 2018-11-02
GE: General Electric Co. - The taxman knocks GE 2018-11-02
PH: Parker Hannifin - F1Q19 EPS beat on tax and Aero; NA core decelerates; Int’l/Aero orders soften PH 2018-11-01
GE: General Electric Co. - Lowering estimates; maintain Underperform GE 2018-10-31
MSM: MSC - Improving trends point to further share price upside MSM 2018-10-31
ETN: Eaton - Growth likely to fade; expect no portfolio change ETN 2018-10-31
ETN: Eaton - 3Q18 results light; growth as good as it gets? ETN 2018-10-30
MSM: MSC - In-line F4Q18 results; F1Q19 guide miss on lower gross margins MSM 2018-10-30
GE: General Electric Co. - Significant profit miss driven by Power and Renewables; dividend slashed GE 2018-10-30
3Q18 multi-industry mid-earnings review - Core growth selectively disappoints 2018-10-29
GE: General Electric Co. - Dividend cut, capital raise announcements may not come tomorrow GE 2018-10-29
ITT: ITT - Friction frenzy; conservative forecast points to upside ITT 2018-10-29
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Messy 3Q18 miss; 4Q guide reassuring FTV 2018-10-26
GE: General Electric Co. - Accounting change could drive additional insurance woes GE 2018-10-26
ROK: Rockwell - PTC read-through; positive IoT momentum ROK 2018-10-25
GE: General Electric Co. - GE Checklist GE 2018-10-25
ITW: ITW - Forecast reduction; negative catalysts slowly playing out ITW 2018-10-25
ITW: ITW - 3Q18 core growth miss; margins hold up ITW 2018-10-24
GWW: Grainger - Amazon Prime turns up the distribution heat GWW 2018-10-23
MMM: 3M - What’s holding up may not for long; share base forming? MMM 2018-10-23

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