Title Tickers Date
HDS: HD Supply - Expect slight F3Q18 beat HDS 2018-11-29
GE: General Electric Co. - Healthcare IPO – the last bullet GE 2018-11-29
GE: General Electric Co. - “Crown Jewel” Capital assets rated junk GE 2018-11-28
GE: General Electric Co. - Waypoint bankruptcy could point to future GECAS stress GE 2018-11-26
GE: General Electric Co. - BHGE fire sale could drive $ billions in additional write-downs GE 2018-11-23
ROK: Rockwell - Digital-driven growth to accelerate ROK 2018-11-19
MMM: 3M - Growth inching up MMM 2018-11-16
Multi-Industry - Model updates 2018-11-14
GWW: Grainger - Monthly pricing update – overall trends muted; private label pricing slowly increasing GWW 2018-11-14
Proprietary data report - Industrial products channel pricing – muted increases 2018-11-14
GE: General Electric Co. - BHGE fire sale GE 2018-11-13
GE: General Electric Co. - Credit markets point to liquidity risks GE 2018-11-13
MMM: 3M - Favorable set-up into Thursday analyst meeting MMM 2018-11-13
Multi-Industry - Inch Questions (IQ) for management; key results recap 2018-11-12
ROK: Rockwell - F4Q18 ops hold in; F19 guidance relief ROK 2018-11-07
ITT: ITT - Asbestos liability possibly headed much lower ITT 2018-11-07
EMR: Emerson - F4Q18 in-line; guidance does not surprise to the upside EMR 2018-11-06
GE: General Electric Co. - Was CEO stock purchase voluntary? GE 2018-11-05
GE: General Electric Co. - Possible GE share price downside to $5 GE 2018-11-05
PH: Parker Hannifin - Model update PH 2018-11-02

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