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RH: RH Chicago Visit = RH Hospitality + A Comparison Between Oak Brook Legacy Gallery and 3 Arts Cafe New Design Gallery + Design Atelier RH 2018-04-16
Team Grom's Consumer Survey - March '18: Consumer A Touch More Guarded. . . But Positive Spending Indicators For Both Apparel/ Furniture Emerge WSM, W, SFM, RH, TGT, LOW, FND, JCP, COST, HD, KSS, DG, M, WMT, DLTR, JWN, FIVE, PIR 2018-04-13
FIVE: Five Below - HQ Trip Notes & Key Themes: Philly Strong . . . And We Aren't Referring to the Eagles, 76ers, or 'Nova Nation. Stay Accumulate FIVE 2018-04-12
COST: Costco Wholesale - So Good; Core SSS +5.8% in March // 7.3% Ex. Easter Shift; Traffic + U.S. + Digital Lead The Way COST 2018-04-11
KSS: Kohl's - Amazon Returns + Smart Home Experience. . . A 2nd Look At Chicago Stores = Joint Venture Looks Scalable As Traffic Uptick Is Impressive KSS 2018-04-11
Team Grom's Traffic Survey - March 2018: Mother Nature > Easter Bunny; Traffic Lighter Than Expected Both YOY and Relative To Recent Trend WSM, W, SFM, RH, DG, TGT, LOW, FND, JCP, COST, HD, KSS, WMT, M, DLTR, JWN, FIVE, PIR 2018-04-10
COST: Costco Wholesale - March SSS Pre-Game = We See Core SSS Up ~2.5%; Healthy Trends Excluding Drag From Easter Shift COST 2018-04-09
DLTR: Dollar Tree - Debt Refi ~3.4% Accretive To Our FY19 EPS Estimates = Quick Math + Details; Stay Buy Rated DLTR 2018-04-06
The Weekend Warrior (3/29/18) - In Focus: Prodco Traffic Index Shows Uptick + Easter Weather Update + Short Interest + Notes From Macy's Meeting + Wayfair WSM, W, SFM, RH, TGT, LOW, FND, JCP, COST, HD, KSS, DG, M, WMT, DLTR, JWN, FIVE, PIR 2018-03-29
AMZN/WFM Pricing Study + Data AMZN, WFM, SFM 2018-03-29
RH: Hard To Underwrite Friedman's Optimism In Today's Macro Backdrop, Stay Hold-Rated RH 2018-03-28
M: Macy's - Meeting with Macy's CFO Karen Hoguet + Woodbridge/Growth 50; There's Always Going To Be Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream M 2018-03-27
The Weekend Warrior (3/23/18) - In Focus: Shoptalk Recap + April Weather Outlook + Five Below 4Q Takes + Updated Look @ Key Housing Statistics HD, KSS, DG, PIR, JWN, SFM, TGT, JCP, M, W, FIVE, FND, GOOG, DLTR, RH, LOW, COST, WMT, WSM 2018-03-23
TGT: Target - Partnership > Merger: Quick Thought on Kroger Speculation; JV Could Benefit MSP For 2 Reasons TGT, KR, WMT 2018-03-23
FIVE: Five Below - Management Call Back Highlights; Raising PT to $80 = Stay Accumulate-Rated as "Set-Up" Changes Hands in Coming Months FIVE 2018-03-21
JWN: Nordstrom - No Deal . . . . So What's Next? With $1.1B of Cash + Adj. Debt-to-EBITDAR Ratio of 2.6x = ASR Could Be on Table, Math Sensitivity JWN 2018-03-21
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - Shoptalk Key Note Highlights = Macy's & Target TGT, M 2018-03-19
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - Incomparable Compares = Explaining The Calendar Shift in 2018 and Which Retailers it Impacts WSM, SFM, DG, TGT, LOW, FND, JCP, HD, KSS, M, W, WMT, DLTR, JWN, FIVE, PIR 2018-03-19
The Weekend Warrior (3/16/18) - Final Four Predictions: East = Villanova, Midwest = Seton Hall, South = Tennessee, West = Michigan WSM, W, SFM, RH, TGT, LOW, FND, JCP, COST, HD, KSS, DG, M, WMT, DLTR, JWN, FIVE, PIR 2018-03-16
Top 10 Retail Awards For 4Q18 EPS Season: March Madness Theme = Awards To COST, KSS, DLTR, M, TGT, HD, SFM, W, LOW, & WMT TGT, LOW, COST, HD, M, KSS, W, WMT, DLTR, SFM 2018-03-16

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