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Broadlines Retail: Low + Middle Market Pricing Study - Wal-Mart Improves Positioning, Signs of EDLP at Target, & Amazon Fresh Getting More Aggressive TGT, DG, DLTR, WMT, KR, AMZN 2017-10-16
Weekend Warrior (10/13/2017) - I Won't Back Down: In Focus = Wal-Mart (2x), Costco, & Kroger; Latest Sentiment Thoughts on Group = Wayfair Top Idea Today TGT, DG, DLTR, WMT, KR, COST, LOW, W, AMZN, HD 2017-10-13
September Retail Sales Wrap - Up 4.1% YOY; Winners = Building Materials, Digital, & GM Stores JCP, TGT, KSS, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, LOW, W, WSM, AMZN, JWN, PIR, HD, RH 2017-10-13
Team Grom's Consumer Survey - September 2017 - Part I: Consumer Traffic + COST vs. AMZN + BTS Wrap JCP, TGT, KSS, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, LOW, W, WSM, AMZN, JWN, PIR, HD, RH 2017-10-12
WMT: Wal-Mart - Boy Has Bentonville Changed . . . And For The Better; Raising Price Target to $95, Analyst Day Takes - Part II DG, DLTR, COST, W, WMT 2017-10-10
WMT: Wal-Mart - Analyst Day Take #1: 2018 Guidance Details Encouraging (Sales, SG&A Expense Leverage, E-Com, Buybacks) WMT 2017-10-10
The Weekend Warrior (10/6/2017) - Home Depot + Lowe's Initiation In Focus LOW, HD 2017-10-06
COST: Costco Wholesale- A Flag Has Been Raised . . . But We Think It's Yellow and Not Red; Post 4Q Thoughts, Reiterate Accumulate Rating + $177 Price Target COST 2017-10-05
WMT: Wal-Mart - Analyst Day Preview: 10 Questions for Management, Remain Buy-Rated WMT 2017-10-04
Call Today at 1:00pm EST - Home Depot (HD) & Lowe's (LOW): Initiation of Coverage LOW, HD 2017-10-03
LOW: Lowe's - Initiating Coverage with an Accumulate Rating & $88 Price Target LOW, HD 2017-10-02
HD: Home Depot - Initiating Coverage with a Buy Rating + $189 Price Target LOW, HD 2017-10-02
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - 1 Month Later = After Initial Wave . . . No Signs of Incremental Price Investments At Whole/Amazon Foods TGT, WFM, COST, DG, DLTR, WMT, SFM, AMZN 2017-09-29
PIR: Pier 1 Imports - Tough Times Continue in Big D; Lowering EPS Below Guidance, PT Moves To $4 PIR 2017-09-27
The Weekend Warrior (9/22/2017) - The Jets at 0-2 We Expected . . . But The Giants 0-2? In Focus = Sept. Traffic, Better Redbook, DLTR, Gas Margins, NFIB, & '16 CE Review JCP, KSS, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, W, RH 2017-09-22
Costco Wholesale & Maveron Seattle Field Trip COST 2017-09-21
Kohl's Management Access - Headquarters Trip KSS 2017-09-19
Broadlines Retail - In Case You Missed It --> More Clicks & Bricks Collaboration = KSS + WMT KSS, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, JWN, AMZN 2017-09-19
The Weekend Warrior (9/15/2017): What If's: In Focus = Food CPI, Seasonality, Hard Discount Price Study, Comerica CA Index, & Productivity Gap Between FDO + DG JCP, TGT, KSS, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, W, WSM, PIR, JWN, RH 2017-09-15
August Retail Sales Recap: Headline Miss vs. Consensus . . . But Up 3.5% Year-Over-Year JCP, TGT, KSS, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, FIVE, SFM, W, PIR, JWN, RH 2017-09-15

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