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Title Tickers Date
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - It's Always Darkest Before Dawn; Recalibrating PT's Post KR/AMZN Double-Whammy; WMT + DLTR + COST + DG > TGT DG, DLTR, COST, TGT, WMT 2017-06-26
W: Wayfair - Email Data Suggests Very Solid 2Q Sales . . . But We are Staying Disciplined Given Run, Downgrading to Accumulate from Buy = $85 PT W 2017-06-26
WFM: Whole Foods Market - Austin - It's Been Real, But Time To Say Good-Bye; Downgrade To Hold From Buy = Net, We Don't See Another Bid Emerging KR, WMT, SFM, TGT, WFM 2017-06-26
The Weekend Warrior (6/23/17) - Lax For The Cure 2017 AKRX, TGT, WFM, COST, DG, DLTR, WMT, UNFI, SFM, AMZN 2017-06-23
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - More "Potential" Bad News For Departments Stores: Nike To Sell Direct on Amazon M, JCP, JWN, KSS 2017-06-21
Team Gromey's Consumer Survey May '17 : Part III - A Closer Look At Online Spending Habits TGT, DG, DLTR, EBAY, FB, TWTR, AMZN, WMT 2017-06-20
The Weekend Warrior (6/16/17) - Despacito! In Focus = COST, FIVE, Survey + Pricing Results, CPI/PPI JCP, TGT, KSS, WFM, WSM, CAR, DLTR, M, JWN, COST, FIVE, SFM, W, DG, PIR 2017-06-16
WMT: Wal-Mart - In Case You Missed It: Bonobos Acquisition + Favorable Commentary On Digital Trends = Buy Rated WMT 2017-06-16
Broadlines & Harlines Retail: Whoa! Amazon Buying Whole Foods = Initial Gut Reactions For SFM, WMT, TGT, COST, $ Stores TGT, WFM, COST, DG, DLTR, WMT, SFM 2017-06-16
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail: Pricing Study #1 - Introducing 3-Tiered, Multi-SKU, Multi-City Proprietary Analysis TFM, TGT, WFM, DG, DLTR, WMT, KR, SFM, AMZN 2017-06-13
Team Gromey's Consumer Survey May '17: Part II - Health of the Consumer + Macro Outlook JCP, TGT, KSS, WFM, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, W, WSM, PIR, JWN, RH 2017-06-13
The Weekend Warrior - It's Not How Hard You Fall, It's How Fast You Get Back Up JCP, TGT, KSS, WFM, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, FIVE, SFM, W, PIR, JWN, RH 2017-06-09
JWN: Nordstrom - MBO Quick Thoughts, Math, & Lateral Thoughts; JWN Days as Public Company Appear To Be Over DDS, JWN 2017-06-08
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - Survey Says ~80% of Low-Income HH Will NOT opt for Discounted Amazon Prime Program = Weakness in DG & DLTR Overblown DG, DLTR, AMZN, WMT 2017-06-07
Team Gromey's Consumer Survey May '17 - Part I = Retail Traffic Barometer + Consumer Intentions KSS, WFM, DG, COST, LOW, JWN, KORS, TGT, DLTR, BBBY, PIR, RH, JCP, SHW, DDS, M, WMT, FIVE, W, AMZN, TSCO, KR, SFM 2017-06-07
M: Macy's - Fireworks From Macy's . . . & It's Not Even July 4th; Four Key Takes Post Analyst Meeting M 2017-06-06
RH - Too Many If's, Ands, or Buts For Us; Stay Hold Rated - Lowering EPS/PT to $45 RH 2017-06-02
1Q17 EPS Season Top 10 Awards . . . Rolling Stones Throwback Edition = Featuring: W, M, WSM, COST, WMT, TGT, WFM, DLTR, JCP, & DG JCP, TGT, WFM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, W, WSM 2017-06-02
FIVE: Five Below - Mo Money, Mo Problems; Even Beyond Spinner Trend, Core Biz Healthy; Stay Long, Raising Estimates & PT to $58 FIVE 2017-06-01
DG: Dollar General - Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em = Upgrade to Accumulate from Reduce; New Price Target Established at $84 DG 2017-06-01

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