Insurance Research

Title Date Pages
Pricing and Reserves: Directional Impact on 2017 Estimates 2017-04-07
Workers' Comp: AHCA Will Accelerate Loss Ratio Deterioration - HIG, TRV, WRB, ORI, AFG 2017-03-22
Federal judge appointments unlikely to provide Inflation relief, as state courts are more influential 2017-03-15
Progressive Corp: Back in Advertising Mode, Y/Y Comparisons Tougher, Remains Best-In-Class 2017-03-14
ROE Leverage Framework: Underwriting Drives Valuations - Discounts for AIG & HIG, and Premiums for PGR & RLI, are Likely to Persist 2017-03-01
Auto Pricing Hard Market: Progressive's (PGR) Kind of Market 2017-02-21
Valuation Framework: U/W Results Drive Valuation; not NII - XL, AXS, AIG, HIG 2017-02-17
Workers' Comp: Results Peaking; Expect More Pricing Pressure in 2017 (HIG, TRV, WRB, ORI, AFG, AFSI) 2017-02-08
Insurance Stocks Most Levered to the Trump Economy (AFG, WRB, AFSI, MKL, ORI) 2017-01-30
ALL, PGR: Pricing "Hard Market" Carrying into 2017, mutual Insurers now taking double the pricing 2017-01-12
HIG Deal with Berkshire is Expensive; Corp Tax Reform & Asbestos to Collide in Near Term? 2017-01-05
Corporate Tax Reform Outlook - Most Beneficial to PGR, RLI, ALL, TRV 2017-01-04
Peer-to-Peer Insurance: Proprietary Review of Global Landscape post launch of Lemonade 2016-12-08
Allstate Corp (ALL): Buying SquareTrade 2016-11-29
Workers' Comp: ACA Repeal/Replace Unlikely to Affect our "Peaking Results" Thesis - Impact: HIG, TRV, WRB, ORI, AFG, AFSI 2016-11-21
PGR: PIF Growth Continuing to Crest, Margin Improvement Likely to Follow 2016-11-14
ALL: Esurance Becoming Less of a Headwind 2016-11-07
Rise in Auto Loans Likely to Sustain Auto Pricing Hard Market (ALL, PGR) 2016-10-27
Workers Compensation Charges in Pipeline: AFG, AFSI, HIG, ORI 2016-10-24
TRV: Asbestos Liabilities worsening, masked by Reinsurance 2016-10-20

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