Insurance Research

Title Date Pages
Rising Auto Loan Delinquencies Should Help the Auto Pricing Hard Market 2016-06-03
Homeowners' Premium Growth to Enter Cooling Phase 2016-05-19
Allstate: Earnings Estimates Likely to Rise 2016-05-17
NFL vs. Insurance Industry: Settlement Seems Likely 2016-05-06
Catastrophe Reinsurance Fueled by New Rating Agency Model: VR, RE, AWH, AHL, RNR to Benefit 2016-04-20
PGR: Progressive's unit growth likely to remain elevated throughout 2016 2016-04-14
AIG: Plan Still a Stretch, but New Data Reinforces Re-insurance Opportunity 2016-04-04
Increasing Asbestos Earnings Drag Forecast: TRV, HIG, AFG, RE 2016-03-22
Auto Insurance (ALL, PGR): Rising Fatality Concerns Premature 2016-03-14
Auto Insurance: Autonomous Driving - Friend or Foe? 2016-02-26
The Sharpe Ratio Belongs in the Analytical Toolkit 2016-02-17
AIG: Operating Plan is (nearly) Without Precedent 2016-02-10
Allstate and Progressive: A First Look at 2016 Auto Rate Changes 2016-02-01
AIG: Operating Ambitions Seem Heroic; Maintain View Diversification Credit of $5B+ is Realistic 2016-01-27
American International Group: Valuing Diversification 2016-01-19
ALL and PGR: December Auto Rates Increased at an Accelerating Pace 2016-01-13
California Workers' Comp: Earnings Headwind as Loss Ratios Likely to Deteriorate (AFSI, ORI, AFG, RE, THG, HIG, WRB) 2016-01-05
ACE: Viable Growth Opportunity in the High Net Worth (HNW) Business 2015-12-15
Litigation Funding: Moving from the fringe to the mainstream 2015-12-07
ALL and PGR: Rate Increases are Accelerating - ALL 2016 estimates have probably bottomed 2015-12-01

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