Insurance Research

Title Date Pages
Auto Insurance Pricing Hard Market Nears an End (PGR, ALL) 2018-03-06
ROE Framework Points to Modest P/C Pricing Correction 2018-02-28
Valuation Framework: U/W Results Drive Valuation; Not NII 2018-02-23
Midway Earnings Report: Lower Favorable Reserve Development - Seems part of an overall trend; not necessarily related to tax reform 2018-02-05
Tax Reform Could Generate Additional $215 Billion of Premiums 2018-01-30
Progressive (PGR) - Outsized Policy Growth to Continue Near Term 2018-01-23
AIG to Acquire Validus (VR): Cash is worth more than EPS to companies with NOLs 2018-01-22
Property/Casualty Expense Ratio and EPS Analysis 2018-01-17
Medical Inflation to Remain Benign Near Term, Pressures building into 2019 and later 2018-01-11
Social Inflation and Tax Reform = Conservatism in 4Q17 P&C Reserves - Incrementally more conservatism could lead to earnings disappointments 2017-12-15
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): Pricing Hard Market (still) in Late Innings 2017-12-07
Allstate (ALL) Travelers (TRV): Homeowners Growth Challenged - The 20-year CAGR in housing units is less than 1%; "growth engine" 2017-11-30
Tax Reform Should Engender Conservatism in 4Q17 P&C Reserves 2017-11-17
Allstate (ALL): Esurance Nearing Accounting Breakeven in 2018; After that? 2017-11-09
Spike in Legal Advertising Could Help Raise Rates During Jan. 1 Renewals 2017-10-30
Allstate (ALL), Progressive (PGR): Pricing Hard Market in Late Innings 2017-10-24
Asbestos Liabilities: Expect Another 3Q Charge from Travelers (TRV) 2017-10-16
Property/Casualty M&A: Struggle for organic growth, stagnation tipping point reached 2017-10-10
Social Inflation Follow Up: 2of 3 Components are Accelerating - Proprietary data on legal advertising shows an acceleration in 2017 2017-10-02
Hurricane Damages and Catastrophe Model Uncertainty - Conference call revealed wind vs. water issues complicated by legal advertising 2017-09-27

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