Insurance Research

Title Date
Commercial Insurance and the U.S. Economy 2019-01-03
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): Reiterating our Outlook 2018-12-17
Reinsurance: Alt. Reinsurance Will Mute Jan. 1st Renewals 2018-12-10
Homeowners Insurance: Rising ‘Non Cat’ Weather Not the Issue 2018-12-06
Commercial Auto: Better Times Ahead in 2019 2018-11-27
Capital Management Has Slowed, to New Norm 2018-11-16
Asbestos Earnings Drag Should Slow. Good news for TRV, BRK 2018-11-06
Hartford (HIG): 3Q18 Warning that Rising WC Freq Will Spread 2018-10-26
P/C Insurance Credit Markets Appear Calm 2018-10-15
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): The Gecko is off the Porch 2018-10-09
Social Inflation Poses Increasing Risk to P/C Margins 2018-10-03
P/C Insurance M&A to Accelerate 2H18/2019 2018-09-27
Hartford (HIG): Workers' Comp Claim Frequency is Rising 2018-09-20
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): Big Expense Opportunity 2018-09-10
W.R. Berkley (WRB) Asserts Social Inflation is Back - We Agree 2018-09-05
Travelers (TRV), AIG: More Insights into Severe Weather 2018-08-22
Social Inflation Poses Increasing Risk to P/C Margins 2018-08-06
AIG: Severe Storms Cloud 2Q Earnings 2018-08-03
AIG: Legacy Liability Transactions Gain Momentum, TRV Next? 2018-08-01
TRV and HIG: Asbestos Liabilities Lurking in Talcum Powder? 2018-07-31

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