Insurance Research

Title Date Pages
Pricing Cycle: Officially a Hard Market 2020-08-12 5
Property Catastrophe Exposures are Changing; Not the Perils 2020-08-04 5
Personal Auto: Apple Mobility Index Does Not Map to Crashes 2020-07-27
D&O Reserving: Risks from Reopenings; Less so Bankruptcies 2020-07-22 4
P/C Pricing Cycle: Comparing 2020 to Markets of Industry Lore 2020-07-14 4
Private Passenger Auto: Myriad Trends Likely a Net Positive 2020-07-08 5
Social Inflation: Legal Advertising Flat in 2020; Beats Google 2020-06-24 3
Lemonade: Reinsurance Dependent Business Model Brings Risks 2020-06-22 5
Social Inflation: Likely to Return with Vengeance Post COVID-19 2020-06-16 4
Property Catastrophe: Hardening Market Likely to Accelerate 2020-06-09 4
P/C Pricing Cycle: Disrupted Diagonals Will Accelerate Pricing 2020-06-02 5
P/C Pricing Cycle: Pricing Power in a Recession? Look to History 2020-05-28 4
Business Interruption: Positive Development 2020-05-21 2
Auto and Workers’ Comp: Updates on News Items 2020-05-21 3
Capital Management: Time for P/C Insurers to Raise Debt 2020-05-11 4
Work Comp: $10 Bil. Cost Est. for COVID-19 Essential Services 2020-04-29 3
COVID-19: Work Comp Should Pay; Business Interruption Not 2020-04-20 3
Commercial Insurance: Forecasting 4.5% Premium Decline in ‘20 2020-04-13 4
COVID-19 To Have Temporary Chilling Effect on Social Inflation 2020-04-08 4
P/C Dividends Not at Risk. Expect Buyback Moderation 2020-03-31 3

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