Insurance Research

Title Date
P/C Insurance Pricing Cycle: A Correction, Not a Hard Market 2019-09-11
P/C Insurance Pricing Cycle: A Correction, Not a Hard Market 2019-09-03
Social Inflation is Back. Legal Advertising Surges 2019-08-23
Near Term Pressure on Asbestos Liabilities to Impact TRV, BRK 2019-08-22
Workers Comp: Rate Headwinds Tempered by New Opioid Data 2019-08-12
Insurers’ Liability in Abuse Claims: Low $ Billions…at Least 2019-08-05
Travelers (TRV): Non-Cat Weather IS Normal 2019-07-30
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): EPS Tailwind 2019-07-23
Coverage Dispute Erupts in Abuse Claims: Chubb (CB) Test Case 2019-07-10
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): Auto Rates Steady in 2Q19 2019-07-09
Workers Comp: Rate Headwinds Accelerating 2019-06-20
Atlantic Hurricane Study 2019 2019-06-10
Comparing Valuations and Cost of Equity Capital 2019-05-30
P/C Insurers Beat Cost of Equity Capital 2003-2018 2019-05-23
Primary Commercial Pricing is Accelerating 2019-05-08
Abuse Claims Expected to Rise; Liability Issue for AIG and others 2019-04-24
Social Inflation Poses Increasing Risk to P/C Margins 2019-04-17
Allstate (ALL) and Progressive (PGR): Auto Rates Flat 1Q19 2019-04-09
Workers' Comp: Affordable Care Act Turns into Headwind 2019-04-01
Liabilities Expand as States Extend Statutes of Limitations 2019-03-26

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