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Team Grom's Consumer Survey - October 2017 - Part I: Consumer Traffic Rebounds, Winners & Losers WSM, JWN, WMT, TGT, LOW, LULU, HD, W, DG, TJX, DLTR, GPS, DDS, KSS 2017-11-03
W: Wayfair - It Needed To Be Perfect...And It Wasn't; Post 3Q Takes W 2017-11-02
SFM: Sprouts Farmers Markets - Solid Print = Mean Reversion; Lateral Commentary Good for WMT/TGT/ COST/DG/DLTR; Raising EPS & PT to $23, Stay Accumulate-Rated WMT, TGT, COST, SFM, DG, KR, DLTR 2017-11-02
COST: Costco Wholesale - ~5.6% Core SSS in October; Traffic + U.S. Comps Better on the Stacks COST 2017-11-01
W: Wayfair - Reading The Print, 3Q Set-Up; Stay Buy-Rated with $89 Price Target W 2017-11-01
SFM: Sprouts Farmers Markets - Reading the Print, 3Q Set-Up; Good Story, but Competitive Backdrop Augments GPM Risk, Lowering '18 Estimates SFM 2017-11-01
Home Improvement - No Tricks & All Treats for HD + LOW; Raising SSS Based on Survey, Disaster Store Overlap, GH-HILI, & GH-HISM = Prefer HD > LOW HD, LOW 2017-10-31
COST: Costco Wholesale - October SSS Pre-Game = We See Core SSS Up 6.0%, Gas Profit Tracker Favorable COST 2017-10-30
JCP: J.C. Penney - Big Problems in Big D; 7 Takes From Management Update Call, Lowering EPS+ Price Target to $3 JCP 2017-10-27
KSS: Kohl's - Notes From The Road: HQ Trip Lends More Support For Bull Case KSS 2017-10-27
KSS: Kohl's - Amazon Returns + Smart Home Experience = First Look at Chicago AMZN, KSS 2017-10-25
M: Macy's - Lord & Taylor Sale-Leaseback; Herald Sq. Implied Value at $2.786 Billion (~23% of EV); QUICK TAKE M 2017-10-24
DLTR: Dollar Tree - Round V of Georgia & Tennessee Store Checks = FDO Finally Back in the Major Leagues . . . Raising 3Q Estimates & Price Target to $104, Stay Long DLTR 2017-10-23
Weekend Warrior (10/20/2017) - These Baby Bombers Remind Us of the Late 1990 NY Yanks; LGY! WSM, JWN, RH, FIVE, WMT, TGT, COST, LOW, M, SFM, JCP, HD, W, DG, PIR, DLTR, KSS 2017-10-20
Team Grom's Consumer Survey - September 2017 - Part III: Health of the Consumer + Macro Outlook WSM, JWN, RH, FIVE, WMT, TGT, COST, LOW, M, SFM, JCP, HD, W, DG, PIR, DLTR, KSS 2017-10-20
Team Grom's Consumer Survey - September 2017 - Part II: Consumers' Online Spending Habits WSM, JWN, AMZN, FIVE, WMT, RH, TGT, LOW, COST, M, SFM, JCP, HD, W, DG, PIR, DLTR, KSS 2017-10-19
COST: Costco Wholesale - What Came First - The Chicken or the Egg? HQ Visit Helps Defend Against Negative Narrative = Stay Accumulate-Rated COST 2017-10-18
FIVE: Five Below - Raising 3Q17 SSS/EPS to High-End of Range Post Late Quarter Channel Work; Stacks Suggest Favorable 4Q Set-Up, Bump PT to $60 FIVE 2017-10-17
JWN: Nordstrom - No Deal (For Now); Lowering Price Target To $40 as Risk Premium Augments Through Year-End; Stay Hold Rated JWN, KSS, M, JCP 2017-10-16
Broadlines Retail: Low + Middle Market Pricing Study - Wal-Mart Improves Positioning, Signs of EDLP at Target, & Amazon Fresh Getting More Aggressive AMZN, WMT, TGT, DG, KR, DLTR 2017-10-16

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