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FIVE: Five Below - Sorry, Not Sorry! If Only The Eagles Could Step Up . . . Like This Team From Philly; Raising EPS Estimates & PT to $59, Stay Accumulate FIVE 2017-08-30
Team Gromey's Consumer Survey - July 2017 - Part III: Health of the Consumer + Macro Outlook JCP, TGT, KSS, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, FIVE, LOW, W, PIR, JWN, RH 2017-08-30
Broadlines Retailing - Bark > Bite? Princeton Price Study Shows Only 1.2% Week-Over-Week Decline Across ~115 SKU's at New Amazon Whole Foods TGT, WFM, DG, DLTR, WMT, SFM, AMZN 2017-08-29
Team Gromey's Consumer Survey - July 2017 - Part II: Consumers' Online Spending Habits TGT, ORLY, EBAY, KR, SFM, AAP, AMZN, WMT 2017-08-29
WFM: Whole Foods Market - Discontinuing Coverage of Whole Foods WFM 2017-08-28
COST: Costco Wholesale - August SSS Pre-Game = We See Core SSS Up 5.0% + Gas Profits Better in August vs. July; Shares Remain Accumulate Rated COST 2017-08-28
DLTR: Dollar Tree - Back To The Future; Solid Print = Raise EPS & PT To $96 DG, DLTR 2017-08-24
WSM: Williams-Sonoma - Glass Half Full: 11x P/E+ 29% SI + Improving Trends = Buy The Dip, Stay Accumulate-Rated WSM 2017-08-23
WMT: Wal-Mart - Take That Alexa!!! - Partnership with Google Adds To Digital Ecosystem, Super Smart Move GOOG, AMZN, WMT 2017-08-23
M: Macy's - Key Hire By Macy's That Could Start To Change Narrative M 2017-08-22
Broadlines Retail: DG Widens Pricing Lead; WMT Gives Up A little Ground = Low + Middle Market Pricing Study (#3) DG, DLTR, WMT, TGT, KR 2017-08-21
WMT: Wal-Mart - To Whom Much Is Given . . . Much Is Expected; Post 2Q Print, Stay Buy-Rated w/$88 Price Target WMT 2017-08-17
TGT: Target - Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due; Upgrade to Hold From Sell; Raising Estimates & Price Target to $58 TGT, WMT 2017-08-16
JCP: J.C. Penney - Almost As Depressing As Being A NY Jets Season Ticketholder, Post 2Q Thoughts, Lower Price Target to $4, Shares Remain Hold-Rated JCP 2017-08-11
JWN: Nordstrom - Good Enough? Heck Yeah; Raising Estimates = Stay Accumulate Rated/$54 PT JWN 2017-08-10
M: Macy's - More Asset Sales + Greater 4Q EPS Risk = Keep Us Sidelined; Price Target To $22, Stay Hold Rated M 2017-08-10
KSS: Kohl's - Time To Cover; Upgrade From Reduce To Hold Rating as EPS Downside Appears Limited (For Now), Price Target to $37 from $36 KSS 2017-08-10
SFM: Sprouts Farmers Markets - Reverse Hockey Stick Guidance in 2H + Takeout Candidate = Stay Accumulate-Rated On Heels of 2Q Print; $27 Price Target SFM 2017-08-09
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - Fall Weather Setup Looks Favorable For BTS + Retail = Quick Takes From Call with Weather Trends' Bill Kirk JCP, TGT, KSS, WFM, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, W, AMZN, JWN, RH 2017-08-09
Slide Deck for Back to School & Holiday Weather Outlook for US Retail - Conference Call JCP, TGT, KSS, WFM, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, FIVE, SFM, W, PIR, JWN, RH 2017-08-09

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