Title Tickers Date
FTV: Fortive Corp. - Messy 3Q18 miss; 4Q guide reassuring FTV 2018-10-26
GE: General Electric Co. - Accounting change could drive additional insurance woes GE 2018-10-26
ROK: Rockwell - PTC read-through; positive IoT momentum ROK 2018-10-25
GE: General Electric Co. - GE Checklist GE 2018-10-25
ITW: ITW - Forecast reduction; negative catalysts slowly playing out ITW 2018-10-25
ITW: ITW - 3Q18 core growth miss; margins hold up ITW 2018-10-24
GWW: Grainger - Amazon Prime turns up the distribution heat GWW 2018-10-23
MMM: 3M - What’s holding up may not for long; share base forming? MMM 2018-10-23
MMM: 3M - 3Q18 miss exceeds expectations to the downside MMM 2018-10-23
GWW: Grainger - Lower leverage; cutting EPS and price target GWW 2018-10-19
HON: Honeywell - 3Q18 strength across the board; guidance upside; 2019 of roughly $8.50 HON 2018-10-19
DOV: Dover - Mixed 3Q18 Results; No EPS Raise DOV 2018-10-18
GWW: Grainger - Higher prices may not fully offset tariff cost increases GWW 2018-10-17
GWW: Grainger - Normalizing US operating leverage; results still disappoint GWW 2018-10-16
GWW: Grainger - 3Q18 Driven by low taxes/below the line; operating leverage plunges GWW 2018-10-16
ETN: Eaton Initiation - Cyclical Headwinds Ahead; Portfolio Change Unlikely ETN 2018-10-12
FTV: Fortive Corp Initiation - Future Software Sensation FTV 2018-10-12
GWW: Grainger Initiation - Forecast EPS Upside; Growth Moderation GWW 2018-10-12
HDS: HD Supply Initiation - FM Hurdles; C&I Valuation Pressures HDS 2018-10-12
HON: Honeywell Initiation - Multi-Industry Leader HON 2018-10-12

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