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A hostile pilgrim shows up in Chicago, making some sense at Starwood, a hole in Riverbed's defense [PPC, HSH, HOT, CSC, RVBD, CPWR] 2014-05-27
Compuware end-game reveals itself, Olin story gets some help, frustration building at Patterson [CPWR, OLN, PDCO, GNC] 2014-05-23
MeadWest dropping more than hints, Marathon chief gets his prize, Tronox may have its opening [MWV, MPC, TROX, LTM, HRL, CYT, UFS] 2014-05-22
An interesting question resurfaces at Medtronic, might Celanese chief repeat an old trick, a sale at Alliant Tech and Orbital [MDT, CE, ATK, ORB, XYL] 2014-05-21
Stanley needs dramatic persuasion, Campbell's dead goldfish, Danaher's overdue confession [SWK, CPB, TGT, CHS, DHR, AWI] 2014-05-20
HR Block gets a little drafty, BB&T hungrier than previously thought, don't sleep on CenturyLink [HRB, BBT, CTL, CFN, DDS, JCI, KEG] 2014-05-19
13-F Review [BEAV, AWI, NCR, SYMC, GNC, NTAP, HOS, ADT, WOOF, DG] 2014-05-16
Looking for the next Abbott move, some more color on Monsanto skirmish, Bally brings in a money-maker [ABT, MON, JACK, BYI] 2014-05-16
Symantec draws out ValueAct, a compromise idea at Walgreen?, Actavis not letting go of Saunders just yet [SYMC, WAG, ACT, JACK, URS] 2014-05-15
A dividend at Williams, Jana shuffles things around, Alcoa cruising along in one piece [WMB, AA, TIBX, PNK, ROP] 2014-05-14
TransDigm feints in a different direction, thinking outside the box after Pinnacle, vote counting at Pepsi and Avon [TDG, TQNT, TAM, PEP, AVP, NTAP] 2014-05-13
Hillshire settles two-year old wager, breakup talk at National Fuel, Hilton likes those time-shares [HSH, NFG, JACK, HLT, ESV] 2014-05-12
Symantec plodding ahead, Tronox drops the "s" word, Louisiana Pacific loses value and style points [SYMC, CSC, TROX, LPX, HOLX, MNK] 2014-05-09
IACI nearly comes full circle, Sotheby's does come full circle, whale watching at GNC [IACI, BID, GNC, HSC, HUM, SPB] 2014-05-08
A score for Peltz, Exterran story gets more interesting, lot of animal talk [MDLZ, HSH, EXH, ZTS, EMR] 2014-05-07
DISH proxy got lost in the mail, some inversion talk at CareFusion, Hertz does it again [DISH, CFN, HTZ, MSI, WAG, OLN] 2014-05-06
A bombshell at Target, leave it to BEAV, Emerson locks up a little more firepower [TGT, BEAV, EMR, ABT, DRC] 2014-05-05
Tyco heading for Ireland, Starwood moves to turn down the heat, no sniff of changeup at Avon [TYC, HOT, AVP, SNN, MYCC, ASH] 2014-05-02
A shocker at Starwood, Remember LVLT's NOLs, Hologic looks to cut tax bill (ADT, NCR) 2014-05-01
Quick takes: VIA/B, AVP, DTV, BG, BYD, WPX, K 2014-05-01

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