Retail Research


Title Tickers Date
Black Friday Weekend Spending Survey - ~65% Shopped, ~53% Spent More YOY with Average Spend of $420; Winners = Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Amazon, and Dollar Tree JCP, TGT, KSS, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, LOW, W, WSM, AMZN, JWN, PIR, HD, RH 2017-11-26
Weekend Warrior (11/22/2017) - Happy Thanksgiving from Our Team to Your Team JCP, TGT, KSS, WFM, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, FIVE, LOW, W, AMZN, JWN, PIR, HD, RH 2017-11-22
Broadlines & Hardlines Retail - 3Q EPS Season Top 10 Awards - In Honor of the late Tom Petty = DLTR/KSS/WSM/HD/RH/WMT/SFM/M/JWN/JCP JCP, KSS, WSM, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, JWN, RH, HD 2017-11-22
LOW: Lowe's - It's Tough When You Are Always Being Compared to the Patriots; Solid 3Q From Charlotte - Remain Accumulate Rated with $88 PT LOW 2017-11-21
DLTR: Dollar Tree - QB1 3Q Recap = 4 TD's > 1 INT; Strong Print From The Tree --> Raising EPS + Price Target to $120 DLTR 2017-11-21
RH: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due; Raising Estimates & PT to $105 RH 2017-11-20
WSM: Williams-Sonoma - Downgrading To Reduce, Price Target to $44; Opaque Margin Outlook . . . Lowering EPS Below Street in 2018 + 2019 WSM 2017-11-17
WMT: Wal-Mart - Bentonville Delivers A Monster Quarter, Raising Estimates & Price Target to $105 . . . Stay Buy-Rated DG, DLTR, COST, WMT 2017-11-16
TGT: Target - Deja Vu Back to Wal-Mart's October 2014 Analyst Day; Lowering EPS Estimates & Price Target to $53 . . . Stay Hold Rated TGT 2017-11-15
October Retail Sales Wrap - Up 4.6% YOY with Usual Suspects Leading the Pack: (+) = Digital, Home Improvement, & Furniture; (-) = Sporting Goods, Dept. Stores JCP, DKS, KSS, WSM, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, COST, LOW, W, TGT, AMZN, JWN, PIR, HD, RH 2017-11-15
HD: Home Depot - Strong KPI's Across The Board, Another Solid Print From Atlanta, Raising Estimates, Stay Buy Rated HD 2017-11-14
TGT: Target - Reading the Print, 3Q Set-Up; Bear Case = Bull Case . . . For Now TGT 2017-11-13
WSM: Williams-Sonoma - Reading the Print, 3Q Set-Up; Follow the Department Store Playbook, Stay Accumulate-Rated w/$55 Price Target WSM 2017-11-13
WMT: Wal-Mart - Reading the Print, 3Q Set-Up: Bar High . . . But Don't Let It Stop You = Stay Buy-Rated w/$95 Price Target WMT 2017-11-13
DALLAS FIELD TRIP (11/28) = Walter Robb (Former CEO @ WFM) + JCP HQ Trip (CEO Marvin Ellison) + DLTR Store Tour (Head of IR Randy Guilder) + JWN/TGT (Regional Mangers) JCP, TGT, WFM, DLTR, JWN, AMZN 2017-11-10
JCP: J.C. Penney - Challenges Lie Ahead in '18 . . . But NT Set-Up Suggests Bottom Formed, Take PT up to $3.50, Stay Hold-Rated JCP 2017-11-10
JWN: Nordstrom - Not Enough For the Bulls or the Bears; Revise EPS Lower As Margin Uncertainty Continues To Be a Factor NT and LT JWN 2017-11-09
M: Macy's - SSS Worse . . . But Inventory/GPM Complexion Better, Taking Estimates Up, PT to $21 M 2017-11-09
KSS: Kohl's - Upgrade to Accumulate from Hold = Trend-Line in SSS Set To Improve + Group Sentiment Poised to Rebound, PT to $44 KSS 2017-11-09
Team Grom's Consumer Survey - October 2017 - Part III: Data Suggests Consumer Optimism on Upswing JCP, TGT, KSS, COST, DG, DLTR, M, WMT, SFM, FIVE, LOW, W, WSM, PIR, JWN, HD, RH 2017-11-08

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