Restaurants Research

Title Tickers Date Pages
WEN: Wendy's - Expect Continued Multiple Expansion with WEN Poised to be One of Few Restaurants Delivering Accelerating SSS Growth in 2H19 WEN 2019-08-07 6
WEN: Wendy's - 2Q First Look: Upside Across SSS, EPS & EBITDA to Further Bolster Investor Confidence That WEN Can Deliver on 2020 Guidance WEN 2019-08-07 6
Chick-fil-A Competitive Encroachment Analysis - Proprietary Geolocation Case Studies & Geographic Development Trends Across the Concept’s Last 400 Openings 2019-08-07 33
GRUB: Grubhub Inc - SHAK Partnership is a Win that Demonstrates Grubhub’s Ability to Deliver More than Just Food GRUB 2019-08-05 4
JACK: Jack in the Box - Looking for a Modest F3Q SSS & EPS Miss and Overdue Repo Announcement; We Like Risk/Reward with Fundamentals Bar Low JACK 2019-08-05 8
DoorDash Acquiring Caviar - Caviar Acquisition Speeds Up DoorDash’s Market Share Expansion in Three Key Markets – San Francisco, Chicago & Boston 2019-08-01 3
WING: Wingstop - 13% SSS Met with Frustration Over Paltry Flow Through; Better Margins Coming w/ New Delivery Structure & Less COGS Pressure WING 2019-08-01 7
YUM: Yum! Brands - Strong SSS Across Portfolio, View 2Q SSS as High-water Mark; Valuation Premium Sustainable, but Additional Expansion Limited YUM 2019-08-01 5
DNKN: Dunkin' Brands - 2Q19 First Look: Solid Results Lapping the Go2s Menu Introduction; 2019 EPS Guidance Bumped on Lower Tax Rate & Interest Expense DNKN 2019-08-01 7
CAKE: Cheesecake Factory - The Market Appreciates a High-profile Acquisition, but Potential Hurdles Are All Around w/ CAKE Trying to Stabilize Core Business CAKE 2019-07-31 6
BLMN: Bloomin Brands, Inc. - BLMN Needs to Deliver on Its Aggressive SSS Guidance, but at 6x EBITDA & with Margins Improving – We Like the Risk/Reward BLMN 2019-07-31 6
BLMN: Bloomin Brands, Inc. - 2Q19 First Look: 2019 Guidance Reiterated Across Board Despite Healthy SSS Miss – BLMN Has Some Explaining to Do BLMN 2019-07-31 7
GRUB: Grubhub Inc - Strong Topline Momentum Overshadowed by Higher Exps. Continue to Look to 4Q Margin Improvement as Share Price Catalyst GRUB 2019-07-30 7
WEN: Wendy's - Looking for Modest SSS Miss/Guidance Reiteration; See WEN Offering Solid Risk/Reward Under Appealing Franchise Umbrella WEN 2019-07-30 8
TXRH: Texas Roadhouse - EPS Numbers Finding Stability vs. Our Street-Low Numbers, But we See the Consensus Numbers Continuing to Fall TXRH 2019-07-29 7
MCD: McDonald's - Global SSS Momentum Accelerating with U.S. Increasingly Pulling Its Own Weight; Lack of Margin Expansion the Lone Knock on Qtr MCD 2019-07-26 7
BLMN: Bloomin Brands, Inc. - Looking for Modest SSS Miss/Guidance Reiteration; At 6x 2020E EBITDA, Risk/Reward Merits Greater Investor Attention BLMN 2019-07-26 12
WING: Wingstop - SSS Expectations High - We Expect WING to Deliver; Valuation Undeniably Lofty, But Long List of SSS Drivers Can Keep It There WING 2019-07-26 7
BJRI: BJ's Restaurants - Weak July SSS & Mounting Cost Pressures Will Push Street EPS Estimates Lower - a Revision Trend we Expect to Continue BJRI 2019-07-25 7
SBUX: Starbucks Corp - U.S. SSS Deliver a Healthy Step Change; China SSS Solid, but Need Their Own Step Change to Drive Further Multiple Expansion SBUX 2019-07-25 7

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