Restaurants Research

Title Tickers Date Pages
WING: Wingstop - Sizeable Value Creation Premium Justified: We See Several Years of Mid-to High-Teens EBITDA Growth on Minimal Capex WING 2018-10-19 22
YUM: Yum! Brands - Multiple Expansion Levers Limited with YUM Having Achieved or Made Significant Progress Toward Achieving Transformation Goals YUM 2018-10-19 22
PLAY: Dave & Buster's - We See the Return of SSS Growth in F4Q as a Multiple Expansion Catalyst for One of the Last Remaining 10%+ Unit Growth Stories PLAY 2018-10-19 24
CAKE: Cheesecake Factory - We See a Continued Tug of War Between Market Share Gains & Outsized Exposure to Wage Rate Inflation CAKE 2018-10-19 23
BJRI: BJ's Restaurants - Impressive SSS and Margin Expansion Momentum in 2018E, But We Expect It to Fade in 2019E with Valuation Following BJRI 2018-10-19 24
BLMN: Bloomin Brands, Inc. - Drivers in Place for Continued Market Share Gains - And In turn, A Narrowing of Sizeable Valuation Discount BLMN 2018-10-19 23
CBRL: Cracker Barrel - Margin Pressure and Decelerating SSS Kept in Check by Healthy Dividend Yield Support CBRL 2018-10-19 22
CMG: Chipotle - Premium Multiple Unsustainable - Even if Most Optimistic Street Estimates Are Met in 2019E, 2020E and Beyond CMG 2018-10-19 30
TXRH: Texas Roadhouse - SSS Will Cont to Impress, But EPS Growth Could be Cut in Half with Persistent Labor Cost Pressure & Loss of Tax Reform Tailwinds TXRH 2018-10-19 21
DNKN: Dunkin' Brands - 2020 SSS and Unit Development Targets Look Like a Long Shot - But Valuation Peak Here to Stay with DNKN a Perceived M&A Target DNKN 2018-10-19 22
DRI: Darden Restaurants - Near Peak Valuation Premium Will Be Hard to Hold, Given Meaningful EPS Growth Deceleration Lurking DRI 2018-10-19 24
JACK: Jack in the Box - Sizeable Valuation Discount Reflects Modest Near-Term SSS Prospects; Disgruntled Franchisee Base a Potential Catalyst JACK 2018-10-19 21
RRGB: Red Robin - Shares Are Bouncing Off of Trough Valuation Levels, but Continued Market Share Losses/Margin Headwinds Keep Us on Sidelines RRGB 2018-10-19 22
EAT: Brinker International - EAT Shares Have Earned Their Valuation Upgrade, But We Think This is as Good as it Gets EAT 2018-10-19 22
MCD: McDonald's - Valuation Discount Poised to Narrow with Greater Clarity on Short-Term Nature of EOTF Headwinds & Continued Margin Expansion MCD 2018-10-19 28
WEN: Wendy's - WEN Approaching FCF Yield Tipping Point (~5.5%) a Level at Which We See Share Price Tracking FCF Growth WEN 2018-10-19 22
Restaurant Sector Initiation 2018-10-18
Jeff Farmer Joins Gordon Haskett Research Advisors to Cover the Restaurant Sector 2018-07-30

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