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GRUB: Grubhub Inc - 4Q19 1st Look: Strong 4Q19 Topline Growth, but Reiterating “At Least $100MM” in 2020 EBITDA Likely to Add to Investor Concern GRUB 2020-02-05 6
CMG: Chipotle - SSS & EPS Upside Continue; All-time High Valuation & Mountainous 2020 SSS Comparisons Leave Us in Cautious Stance on Shares CMG 2020-02-04 7
Delivery Bowl 2020 - DoorDash Won Super Bowl Weekend with CEO Tony Xu Named MVP 2020-02-04 5
Coronavirus - Coronavirus Dwarfing SARS: Expect Wave of Disclosure (from retail/rest. cos) over Next Several Weeks to Weigh on SBUX 2020-02-03 5
DNKN: Dunkin' Brands - 4Q19 Results & 2020 Guidance Intro Likely to Offer Few Surprises; Valuation a Bit Robust w/ Tougher SSS Comparisons Now in Play DNKN 2020-01-31 9
EAT: Brinker International - January SSS Save the Day, but Also Underscore That Any Brinker Bull Thesis Must be Rooted in SSS Outperformance (We Are There) EAT 2020-01-29 6
MCD: McDonald's - With EPS Estimates Stabilizing - MCD is Going to Work to Rekindle U.S. Traffic Growth and We Expect New Leadership to Deliver MCD 2020-01-29
SBUX: Starbucks Corp - Market Knew Harrowing China News Was Coming, But Proved to Be More Concerning Than Expected; Risk>Reward in Near-Term SBUX 2020-01-29 7
Sweetgreen: Lighting the Path for Future Digital Sales Strategies - Sweetgreen is Blazing Path for Digital/Off-Premise Sales Strategies. CMG & WING Best Positioned to Leverage These Strategies 2020-01-28 7
MCD: McDonald's - Expect Modest U.S. SSS Upside & for New CEO to Outline High-Level Game Plan for U.S. Traffic Recovery & Greater Capital Prudence MCD 2020-01-27 7
GRUB: Grubhub Inc - Looking for a Modest 4Q19 Revenue Miss as Our Alt. Data Indicate GRUB’s Increased Promo Activity Hasn’t Resonated w/ Diners GRUB 2020-01-27 8
GRUB: Grubhub Inc - Our Thoughts on GRUB's Ultimate Technology Launch + Quick Hits from CEO Matt Maloney's CNBC Mad Money Interview GRUB 2020-01-24 4
EAT: Brinker International - Looking for SSS Upside with Chili’s in the Delivery Adoption Sweet Spot; Risk/Reward Remains Compelling EAT 2020-01-24 8
CMG: Chipotle - Expect SSS Upside & No Surprises with 2020 Guidance; NT Risk > Reward with CMG at Peak Valuation & Facing Decelerating SSS CMG 2020-01-24 10
SBUX: Starbucks Corp - Shares Discounting Continued Global SSS Momentum and We See Drivers in Place for SBUX to Deliver SBUX 2020-01-23 8
Deliveroo - Readthroughs from Across the Pond: Delivery is Expensive; A Failed AMZN Investment in Deliveroo Will Bode Well for GRUB Shares 2020-01-22 4
PLAY: Dave & Buster's - Change is Coming. What Form it Will Take Remains to be Seen – But the KKR Filing Strongly Suggests That it is Coming. PLAY 2020-01-17 6
WING: Wingstop - Five Things That Grabbed Our Attention at the Wingstop Investor Day WING 2020-01-17 8
RRGB: Red Robin - Red Robin's Q&A Quick Hits RRGB 2020-01-14 6
PLAY: Dave & Buster's - Dave & Buster's Q&A Quick Hits PLAY 2020-01-14 6

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