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FTV: Fortive Corp. - Earnings misses likely coming to an end; NewCo could weigh on share performance 2019-12-20
The Weekend Warrior - Happy Holidays from Team Grom . . . See You in The Next Decade 2019-12-20
Restaurant Company SSS Initiative Roadmap – 2020 Edition - SSS Drivers Analysis: Which Companies Have Drivers in Play for 2020 & Which Will be Lapping the Intro of Impactful 2019 Drivers? 2019-12-20
DRI: Darden Restaurants - Olive Garden’s Loss of SSS Momentum Has Investor Attention; We Don’t See a NT Reacceleration; Continue to See Risk > Reward 2019-12-19
Fifth Circuit plays “kick the can” with ACA, Ecolab throws a curveball, FMC puts a bow on a strong decade, eyeing Dropbox as the next busted IPO target (Affordable Care, ECL/APY, XPER/TIVO, GLPI, FMC, DBX, FRPT) 2019-12-19
DRI: Darden Restaurants - Largely In-Line F2Q Blended SSS & EPS Take a Back Seat to the Sizeable SSS Miss for the Core Olive Garden Concept 2019-12-19
Multi-Industry - 2020 rising tide could sink a few boats 2019-12-19
FedEx may need to hire a defensive coordinator; Acadia brings in a M&A rainmaker, Blue Harbour makes a major withdrawal, a year to forget at Cigna (FDX, ACHC, ISBC, CI, DVN, LDOS, TRN) 2019-12-18
Final 2019 Macro Survey - GHRA Sentiment Index at 124.4 = Down Slightly . . . But Remains Elevated Heading Into Key Holiday Period, Upper Income Demo ++ 2019-12-18
GE: General Electric Co. - Extended MAX shut-down should help future GE cash flow 2019-12-17
Now or never for Boeing activism, Happy Birthday Ken Frazier, interesting brew from JAB, Univar has its eye on being top dog (LOGM, BA, MRK, DNKN, UNVR, BBBY, TGE, IFF) 2019-12-17
China Industrial Land Snapshot - Healthcare Math; Petrochem positioning for “145”; and other industrial news 2019-12-17
DuPont makes good on its Morris potential, Déjà vu at WPX, Centene says adios to WellCare dilution, AGCO warning may be much ado about nothing (DD, WPX, M&A, CNC, AGCO) 2019-12-16
2020 Trends: Insurers Defensive but Not Immune to Economy 2019-12-16
DRI: Darden Restaurants - We See Risk Outweighing Reward in Near Term with DRI at Peak Relative Valuation & EPS Upside Prospects Limited 2019-12-16
Tapestry calls an audible at Kate Spade, Delta loyalty details coming this spring, Ackman making good on Howard Hughes promise, Instructure getting an earful (TPR, DAL, HHC, ASH, INST, REZI, ALLE) 2019-12-13
November ’19 Retail Sales Recap - Sales Weak Almost Across the Board . . . Can Be Explained Away but the Deceleration in Home Improvement Bears Monitoring 2019-12-13
COST: Costco Wholesale - No Special (Yet) . . . but Santa Galanti Delivers = 3 Favorable Factors To Monitor As We Turn The Corner Into 2020; Post 1Q Review 2019-12-12
A last chance for GHRA's LogMeIn guarantee, E*TRADE addresses the elephant, Colfax goes full-Teleflex, Comma Era comes to an end at Jack (LOGM, ETFC, CFX, JACK, ABG, TRN) 2019-12-12
2020 Trends: Rational Personal Auto Market 2019-12-12

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