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HDS: HD Supply - Expect “catch-up” trade into earnings; more challenged outlook beyond reopening “bounce” 2020-06-02 6
RH: RH - Gotta Know When to Fold ‘em = Upgrade to Hold-Rated w/Sales + Margins Clearly Holding in Better-than-Expected; PT to $220 2020-06-02 4
Casual Dining Foot Traffic Continues to Build Through 5/28 - Data from 45+ Million Mobile Devices Shows Steady Foot Traffic Growth from “Sit Down Restaurants” in Reopened States 2020-06-01 4
Proprietary data (Net pricing sequentially flat in May) 2020-06-01 5
Alexion now in the red zone, Zynga eyeing double digits, Coty throws a curveball, OXY now scrapping for every last dime (ALXN, ZNGA, COTY, OXY) 2020-06-01 3
Social Distancing Restaurant Consumer Survey (pt. 8) - SIP Over for Most – Now What? 50%+ of Respondents Back at Physical Workplace / 80% of Those Who Lost Job Expect to Return 2020-06-01 8
Tracking the Consumer & COVID-19 (Week #12) - ~59% of Stimulus Spent Thus Far While Aversion to Public Areas Remains in Tight Holding Pattern, But Improves From Mid-May 2020-05-31 13
DG, DLTR, BURL, COST, WSM, JWN - Model Update Post Prints: The General + Williams Sonoma Winners Today . . . While Burlington & Costco Positioned Well For Tomorrow 2020-05-29 10
CGNX: Cognex - Sizeable headcount reduction highlights more challenged recovery reality 2020-05-29 4
Closing the book on Tapestry, DXC is running out of things to cut, Don’t sleep on CF’s Tony Will, Kimberly CEO is still a “no” (TPR, DXC, GCP, CF, KMB) 2020-05-29 4
CBRL: Cracker Barrel - With Almost 70% of System Reopened over Last 5 Weeks, Sequential SSS Improvement Likely Solid, But Relative SSS Still Lag 2020-05-29 6
ITT: ITT - Significant Long-Term IP Margin Upside 2020-05-29 18
WSM, COST, & JWN - Drive By Thoughts Post Prints: Sonoma Remarkable + Costco Headwinds Yesterday’s News + Nordstrom (+/-) 2020-05-28 7
DD: DUPONT DE NEMOURS INC - Multi-pronged value generation 2020-05-28 4
GE: General Electric Co. - In the long-term grips of recession 2020-05-28 3
Hatchet burial at Alexion may open a gate, HP taps the brakes on its 325 plan, plenty of good stuff inside Starboard’s “Box,” M&A guidance at Mondelez now tilting upward (ALXN, HPQ, BOX, MDLZ, CFG, HTZ) 2020-05-28 4
DG, DLTR, & BURL - Drive By Thoughts Post 1Q Prints: General Delivers + Tree Will Revitalize FDO Recovery Thesis + BURL Inventory Impressive 2020-05-28 7
P/C Pricing Cycle: Pricing Power in a Recession? Look to History 2020-05-28 4
“Reopened” States Saw Sales Build Through Holiday Weekend - 23,000+ Restaurant Data Set Shows 15 Point Sales Growth Inflection w/ State “Reopening” & Steady Sales Recovery Build Each Week 2020-05-27 8
MMM: 3M - M&A > share repo; China caution 2020-05-27 3

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