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Nice round of applause for Monday’s deal-makers, Ferguson story chugs along with a slight tweak, Ironwood develops a case of indigestion (Monday Dealmakers, FERG, ACHC, IRWD) 2020-09-29 3
Auto Insurance: Favorable Short Term, Cautious Longer Term 2020-09-29 6
DPZ: Domino's Pizza Inc - 3Q SSS Positioned to Impress; Delivery & Digital Players Winning Big Market Share; Int’l Development Headwinds Remain a Focus 2020-09-29 7
Airbnb, Inc. - Planning on Covering Airbnb When it Goes Public? Be Sure to Check in With Your Host, GHRA 2020-09-29 40
Proprietary data (Prices steady after August price increase) 2020-09-29 4
Proprietary data (September MRO web traffic diverges) 2020-09-29 15
Oil patch trying to atone through consolidation, Caesars makes its way to the top of an online Hill, Where does “Global” fit in at CDK? (DVN, WPX, CZR, CDK, CLF) 2020-09-28 4
W: Wayfair - Gauging Success of Way Day 2020 Through SimilarWeb Checkout Domain Data; YOY Up ~380% . . . With Like-For-Like Rising ~26% 2020-09-27 4
October Casual Dining Sales Softened in ‘08, ’12 & ’16 Election Yrs - Hard to Know if Historical Trends Will Hold in 2020; But Monthly Sales & SSS Data Show that October Sales Slow Ahead of Election 2020-09-27 4
The Weekend Warrior (9/25/20) - Macro Friday: Freight Update, Lumber Prices, Gas Trends, August Existing Home Sales, & Latest MBA Purchase Index 2020-09-25 9
Six and a half questions for Apollo, SPAC crowd cool on big mortgage deal, When will we hear from Ergen again at EchoStar? (APO, GHIV, SATS, ACIW) 2020-09-25 4
MCD: McDonald's - Through 9/21 - Travis Scott & Spicy McNuggets LTOs Continue to Drive Jump in Foot Traffic & Mobile App Downloads 2020-09-25 10
WH: Wyndham - Checking in with Wyndham's New & Improved Mobile App 2020-09-25 7
COST: Costco Wholesale - Even Better Than the Real Thing . . . Post 4Q Thoughts; Stay Long Issaquah 2020-09-24 6
DRI: Darden Restaurants - SSS Underwhelm, But Quickly Forgotten w/ DRI Introducing Annual Cost Savings Guidance Well North of $150 Million 2020-09-24 7
PENN cashes in some chips after epic roll, Upset winner in the Broadcasting M&A “pick em” game, Albemarle gets Elon-Gated, Irony alert at the Garden (PENN, SSP, ALB, FE, SRE, CMCSA, MSGS) 2020-09-24 5
DRI: Darden Restaurants - Rest-level Cost Control Drives EPS Upside on Sizeable SSS Shortfall. F2Q Revenue Guide implies -18% Blended SSS, Below Street 2020-09-24 4
Off-Price Retailers (OPR’s) - Store Checks Show Improved Inventory Position at TJX/BURL . . . But Still Work to Do; September MTD Traffic > August > July 2020-09-24 9
Split talk now conversational at Western Digital, Alec Gores is officially the SPAC King, Athenahealth tag-team is back in the wrestling ring, Twitter giving off eBay vibes (WDC, SPAC Talk, TWTR, CUB, AIV) 2020-09-23 4
3Q20 Home Improvement Survey - 61.2% Planning A Remodeling Project = 3rd Highest Since 3Q17; DIY > DIFM w/Budget Down ~20% YOY . . . Favors LOW > HD 2020-09-23 10

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