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A Chemistry Discussion - shots fired at Dupont, the calm before the storm at DOW, FMC moves up the list [DD, DOW, FMC, SLXP, SPW, RAX] 2014-09-17
Recent Ideas: HUN, ZTS, GNC/VSI, HRB, DDS, HELE, LGF, KAR 2014-09-17
Danaher not leaving "industrial" behind, taking note of Hubbell cancellation, BEAV brings on some help [DHR, HUB, BEAV, CFN, ALR, HTZ] 2014-09-16
Zoetis, Huntsman, GNC/VSI, MeadWestvaco, Owens Corning 2014-09-15
The six-packs are aligning at Coors, National Fuel gets Timken'd, is it time yet for RIG to buy stock? [TAP, NFG, SYMC, CVEO, NI, MTW, RIG, DHR] 2014-09-15
MeadWest talking spins and chemical MLPs, nothing suggestive from CTL, Leon Black wasn't blowing smoke [MWV, CTL, RAX, WU, LEA, HTZ, TAM, BBT] 2014-09-12
An "all in one" vitamin, Huntsman moves along, Zoetis continues to sound off [VSI, GNC, HUN, ZTS, MON, EBAY, EMC] 2014-09-11
Rock-Tenn is MLP cramming, thinking ahead to Oshkosh's big summer, ABB still groggy [RKT, OSK, ACT, HSP, PNK, RVBD, ABB] 2014-09-10
Avon stung again, investors cool on possible CenturyLink marriage, is that it from BBT? [AVP, CTL, BBT, WWAV, ESV] 2014-09-09
Regime change at Hertz, peace at Walgreen, Owens Corning has a poor day [HTZ, WAG, FMC, OC, DOW, CTL, RAX] 2014-09-08
Is there another activist out there for Ensco, decision time for Dollar General, Tenet not seeking one-time spin pop [ESV, DG, FDO, ABB, THC, SD] 2014-09-05
Hospira deal looking like a political casualty, still waiting at H.R. Block, Tibco buckles [HSP, HRB, RVBD, TIBX, ODP, NE] 2014-09-04
Danone chief has both hands free, Danaher yanks pitcher early, Fir Tree on a Noble adventure [BN, DHR, NE, CNQR, HELE, DRI] 2014-09-03
IRS MLP moratorium may be winding down, an extra dollar-fifty for Family Dollar, looking ahead to H.R. Block [KS, RKT, DG, FDO, HRB, MTW CPWR] 2014-09-02
Aug 25 - Aug 28, 2014 2014-08-31
WOOF chews on a buyback, not banking on a 2014 deal at United Tech, something missing on HCBK anniversary [WOOF, UTX, MTB, HCBK] 2014-08-28
Short Interest Report [CTL,S,TIBX,MAR,HOT,PETM,RIG,RYAM] 2014-08-27
Express seems live, Armstrong loss, adding to our REIT/CEO lists [HOT, FSLR, NFG, BOBE, DDS] 2014-08-27
Chico's and Express coming to bat, circling back to a Burger King prediction, CenturyLink has another idea in mind [CHS, EXPR, BKW, CTL, CLF, DDS] 2014-08-26

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