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IACI spin, Darden comes up short, MillerCoors (CFX, GIS, CIE) 2013-12-19
Day 2 at WPX, MMM gearing up to hunt, same old conservative stance at Honeywell (ALB, CBRL, PNR) 2013-12-18
WPX throws a changeup, Corvex flips the switch at Williams, refreshing Stillwater story (ENR, HXL) 2013-12-17
Keeping an eye on Colfax, AerCap steps up for AIG, will Starboard push for a fight at Calgon Carbon? (AVGO, TMUS, S) 2013-12-16
URS belting out a new tune, a cicada-like question at DTV, Strategic Hotels hustling for votes (TXI, APC, TROX) 2013-12-13
Danaher script reads the same, worth revisiting Stanley in 2014, some dishing on DISH (DTV, XLS, ADS) 2013-12-12
Short Interest Analysis - GM, LGF, CVC, MU, PBI, NUAN 2013-12-11
Cameron gets its defense on the field, doorbell finally rings at Scripps, Quest on the clock (CAH, HRB, CA, XRX) 2013-12-11
Strategics pass on Volvo Rents, Corvex scores at Fidelity, Vail Resorts still a mystery (OCR, CAH, TEX) 2013-12-10
Tying together some strings at eBay, Hologic finds a new CEO, Sysco cooks up a hearty deal (CPB, FDO, CPWR) 2013-12-09
A plan for Cameron, Dollar General not looking in FDO's direction, Lions Gate has a decision to make (MTN) 2013-12-06
Omnicare crosses a worry off the list, what is Stanley planning?, Motorola singing confident new tune (DG, IP, BOBE) 2013-12-05
Hologic pushes back deadline, CF now talking MLPs, connecting the dots at ANF (TCB, BOBE, PCP) 2013-12-04
Hertz doing more than dropping hints, Jana goes five for five, Cobalt story feels gassed (QEP, CEN) 2013-12-03
GM activist story missing a word, activist news at TLM and TQNT, eyes now on Dover (HOLX, MPC, DG, HSP) 2013-12-02
CVS deal points toward Omnicare, dusting off Jon Huntsman's rant, Foster Wheeler in play? (JEC, DHR ) 2013-11-27
Short Interest Analysis - NUAN, CVC, CMCSA, JCP, ENDP, HOLX, MDR, HCBK, MTB 2013-11-27
MW playing Pac-Man, deep water MLP talk finds Noble, Icahn's software plays (WAT, ADT) 2013-11-26
A fresh activist thought, CenturyLink shows up on a bad list, handcuffs come off Mosaic (CYT, HAIN) 2013-11-25
No reason to give up on Patterson, Raytheon's interesting word choice, time to give up on T-Mobile-Dish? (FDO, SYY) 2013-11-22

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