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Herding Computer Sciences towards a sale, First Solar's second bite at the apple, a mid-cap now buried within Tenet [CSC, FSLR, THC, DDS, TDG] 2015-02-24
Feb. 17 - Feb. 20 2015-02-23
Consumer Feb. 17 - Feb. 20 2015-02-23
Armstrong split banks in two directions, looking at other headless M&A targets, will Vulcan pull a play from Martin Marietta? [AWI, SWK, OC, WAT, VMC, SXC, INFA] 2015-02-23
Cans kicked down the road at Marvell and Emerson, a salty MLP idea, finding no Motorola clues in parsing Honeywell talk [AXLL, OLN, EQIX, MRVL, EMR, MSI, ZTS] 2015-02-20
Macquarie switches hats, a skeptic dumps on electricity REIT idea, Campbell's borrows a play from its potential stalker [MIC, ITC, CPB, CLH, OMI] 2015-02-19
Circling back to Motorola, Macquarie and Equinix on deck, cool on MGM REIT story [MSI, MIC, EQIX, PEI, MGM] 2015-02-18
13-F Analysis Part II: [NCR, PKG, HAL, WOOF, BEAV, ARCP, CREE, CLH, GRA, ZTS, HRB] 2015-02-18
Starwood flashes the vacancy sign, some stirring at Lear, VF getting hungry [HOT, LEA, VFC, RIG, NSP] 2015-02-17
13F Analysis Part I [PSX, SE, KEYS, HYH, CRC, TPH] 2015-02-17
Feb. 8 - Feb. 13 2015-02-16
Consumer Feb. 8 - Feb. 13 2015-02-16
New ConAgra boss has Pinnacle Foods' number, assessing McGraw's post-settlement options, GNC self-help story trumping PE story [CAG, PF, MHFI, VSTO, GNC, PNK, BYD] 2015-02-13
Hitting refresh at Zoetis, soggy corn flakes from Kellogg, the Koch's with an about face in Colfax [ZTS, K, CFX, GILD, PEI, OC, WOOF] 2015-02-12
A formidable team forms at Lions Gate, Western Union's gift that keeps on giving, skeptics unfazed at Avon [LGF, WU, AVP, WYN, AMP] 2015-02-11
Walgreens in focus after Rite Aid deal, NCR needs more time [RAD, ESRX, NCR, MLM, CHS, PIR] 2015-02-11
NCR gets its three-month checkup, Starwood throws another bone, a silver lining at Computer Sciences [NCR, HOT, CSC, TAP, TPX] 2015-02-10
Feb. 2 - Feb. 6 2015-02-09
Consumer Feb. 2 - Feb. 6 2015-02-09
Drilling down into Motorola story, Diamond Offshore is no longer special, thinking of Avery Dennison's prospects [MSI, DO, CJES, NBR, AVY] 2015-02-09

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