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Taking a look at Cytec's potential, another E&C bites the dust, connecting MeadWest to Procter (URS, SWY, MCK, IRM, HTZ) 2014-02-28
Short Interest Analysis - HLF, NCR, T, DOW, BID, ADT, SIG, ZLC 2014-02-27
A little smoke over Apache, a hiccup at Babcock, Weatherford chief goes all-in (CLH, CNC, HTZ) 2014-02-27
Riverbed's helpful clue, EOG slams door on MLP idea, Williams story has miles to travel (TGT, THC, HTZ) 2014-02-26
Still watching for a Hertz release, HealthNet back fielding sale questions, some dates to watch for Sotheby's (WCG, PDCO) 2014-02-25
Feb 18 - 21, 2014 2014-02-24
Bells and whistles at URS, Echostar swap may be aimed at Loral, Danaher and Blackstone may have a future together (TQNT, WCG) 2014-02-24
Where are those Hertz earnings? OIS "optionality" in focus, Starwood counter-punches with a dividend (WMB, JNPR, ESV) 2014-02-21
Might the Fins be slowing Juniper down?, looking ahead to Pepsi meeting, MLP talk at CF and APD (NBR, OCR, SWY) 2014-02-20
Wedding bells at Signet, will Jana flip at URS?, Nabors review heads for double overtime (DRC, JNPR, NI, WMB) 2014-02-19
A walk-off home run at Forest, Marcato undeterred at NCR, keeping an eye on Plum Creek (DHR, RVBD, CPB) 2014-02-18
Feb 10 - Feb 14, 2014 2 2014-02-16
13F Analysis: Jarden (JAH), HELE, ALLE, ADT, TLM, HTZ, 2014-02-15
Oxy checking out of Hotel California, Jana pops up in Edwards Life, don't sleep on Bunge's sugar review (SWY, WOOF, BKW, FNF) 2014-02-14
Starwood debuts as a potential target, URS chokes on old deal, Hertz on deck 2014-02-13
Comcast and the 2007 Giants, barking about animal hospitals, Starboard kicks off 13-F season (AET, WCG, CTL) 2014-02-13
Williams clutching its credit rating, Cliffs headed for the ring, deal-maker at Harris may finally have team in place (DOW, PHH) 2014-02-12
Connecting another dot at Celanese, flagging a "comp" change at Sealed Air, where was the Nuance buyback? (EBAY, MNK, WPX) 2014-02-11
ISS and Icahn, keeping an eye on two NCR holders, ValueAct's well-timed strike at Allison 2014-02-10
Feb 3 - Feb 7, 2014 2014-02-09

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