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What's Esterline worried about?, waiting on an Akorn update, pain-free BB&T review may ease regional bank M&A worry [ESL, AKRX, BBT, NCR, FCX] 2015-07-08
Time to take those re-franchising vitamins, Gaming and Leisure throws down its chips, Centene deal catching some flak [GNC, GLPI, CAG, AA, WBA, CNC, MNK, MUSA, SAIC, HTZ] 2015-07-07
Focusing on two managed care welterweights, can ITT keep up with its class, keeping score in chlor [MOH, WCG, ITT, OLN, AXLL, SC, LLL] 2015-07-06
Breathing air back into Pentair, no more kicking the can at Emerson, ConAgra reverses its mistake [PNR, EMR, CAG] 2015-06-30
Recent Ideas to Highlight: BEAV, MCD, AA, THC, ESL, ZTS, CST, BWC, WBS 2015-06-29
Jun 22 - Jun 26, 2015 2015-06-29
Consumer June 22 - June 26 2015-06-29
Lifetime healthcare for the Chief Justice, capitulation at Cree, Consol plan heads for the shop [THC, CREE, CNX, Peltz, CHK, MAN, CRC, Bayer] 2015-06-26
Happy Anniversary Zoetis, fertilizer industry begins to stir, dissecting NCR "pipe dream" story [ZTS, VRX, Bayer, POT, NCR, DGE, WAT] 2015-06-26
Match Group gets a date, baby steps at Cree, Monsanto losing some currency [IACI, CREE, MCK, IHS, MON, CTL] 2015-06-25
Resetting the CONSOL story, Energy Transfer having trouble, Sysco deal is laid to rest [CNX, ETE, WMB, SYY, SPLS, HUB] 2015-06-24
Thinking of the big Darden bank shot, looking for a REIT update from CenturyLink, handicapping a very theoretical ConAgra election [DRI, MCD, CTL, CAG, ESRX] 2015-06-23
Energy Transfer goes after the splendid splinter, managed care looking like Rat King, TreeHouse also getting in on ConAgra spillover [WMB, ETE, CI, ANTM, THS, GLPI, DPLO] 2015-06-22
Jun 15 - Jun 19, 2015 2015-06-22
Consumer June 15 - June 19 2015-06-22
Expiration date passes at ConAgra, AGCO finds itself in a blue harbour, pondering the prospects of another CVS-Target deal [CAG, PF, AGCO, KR, RAD] 2015-06-19
Hitting refresh at Alcoa after pullback, Axiall looks for breathing room, filling out the room at Macy's [AA, AXLL, M, BWC, NI] 2015-06-18
Bud talk ahead of Molson meeting, CDK with a medal-winning high jump, NCR reclaims its pre-blowup perch [TAP, CDK, LII, AGU, PCP, NCR, OSK] 2015-06-17
Managed care morass, Oshkosh warning includes a rental industry M&A clue, dashing a sensational HVAC idea [ANTM, CI, HUM, OSK, URI, HTZ, ETN, LII, DPLO, WBS, FCX] 2015-06-16
CVS moves up to number one, CDK's big day is here, new Lions Gate script is a hit [CVS, TGT, ESRX, CDK, LGF, SPF, RYL, OPK] 2015-06-15

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