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Danaher kills two birds, Williams calls a familiar play, PCP buyback may ease deal worries [DHR, WMB, PCP, DD, HTZ, SYK, NUVA, ASH] 2015-05-13
Two big guns go looking for filtration, the crowd builds outside CDK, looking ahead to Stanley Day [PLL, TMO, DHR, CDK, CSX, SWK, ABT, VZ, AOL] 2015-05-12
A super-sized grocery deal, Hilton sale idea gets floored, gas station stories still intact after IRS move [TFM, WFM, HLT, CST, SUN, TPX, TGI, TWC, LMCA] 2015-05-11
May 4 - May 8 2015-05-11
Consumer May 4 - May 8 2015-05-11
Monsanto plants a $45bn seed, Huntington misstep doesn't shake M&A appetite, throwing an O&G prospect onto the M&A radar [MON, CBS, HII, BWC, MRC, DNOW] 2015-05-08
Share rotation now a worry at Whole Foods, Teradata hole gets deeper, Dolan grabs the microphone [WFM, TDC, CVC, TWC, AXLL, OLN, HFC, KAR] 2015-05-07
Recent Ideas to Highlight: EMR, MRVL, AKRX, CREE, WBS, TKR, NHL 2015-05-06
Surveying the post-MLP landscape, Emerson determined to resist knee-jerk reaction, Alere gliding ahead smoothly [IP, GPK, EMR, ALR, TEN, MSI, CLH] 2015-05-06
IRS Dumps Containerboard Idea into the Recycle Bin 2015-05-05
Tenet's jewel morphing into a beast, Zoetis maps out step one, highlight two spin anniversaries [THC, EMR, ZTS, EMC, CST, WWAV, NUVA, MYCC] 2015-05-05
Some frustration revealed at Teradata, no whistle yet at CSX, Patterson adopts a big dog [TDC, CSX, PDCO, MSG, MON, VFC, PNK] 2015-05-04
Apr. 27 - May 1 2015-05-04
Consumer Apr 27 - May 1 2015-05-04
Training our sights on Ira Sohn, an interesting development in severance, Third Point makes a run for the border 2015-05-01
Monsanto story comes out of the freezer, Smurfit Kappa CEO move further quiets takeout story, ready for Hologic's next chapter [MON, IP, GPK, HOLX, XYL, Bayer, inversions, AWI] 2015-05-01
Express Scripts preaching independence, Hilton sees no need for Starwood, downgrading M&A story at Comerica [ESRX, HLT, CMA, POT, MSFT, LYB, AMP] 2015-04-30
Starwood ready to check out, NCR review still in the oven, lot of M&A talk at Textron [HOT, NCR, TPX, TXT, TMST, OCR, EQIX, IACI] 2015-04-29
An interactive idea for McGraw-Hill, different name but same game at Roper, the aging C-suite [MHFI, ROP, AKRX, DD, FBHS] 2015-04-28
Marvell under the gun, time for an answer from Lyondell, fallout from today's outsourcing deal [MRVL, LYB, IGTE, LEA, LXU] 2015-04-27

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