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Celanese with a rohring statement, squeezing Monsanto into a Qualcomm template, keying in on some regional banks [CE, MON, MTW, PNK, WBS, HCBK, MAT] 2015-04-17
Panera bakes up some sweet-smelling bread, Citrix leak smells defensive, a Hardaway-like crossover at Hubbell [PNRA, YUM, CTXS, HUB, GWW, WBA] 2015-04-16
JNJ won't be following GE's lead, same old imprecision at Precision Castparts, calling BlackRock for DuPont [JNJ, PCP, ALTR, GLPI, PNK, HRB, DD] 2015-04-15
Is Smurfit grabbing GPK's partner?, Avon punts the ball, refreshing "tools" story on two-year anniversary of TMO deal [GPK, AVP, VWR, ALTR] 2015-04-14
Short Interest Analysis: [HOT, HLT, ARCP, MGM, PNK, MAT, CSC] 2015-04-13
A surprising pivot from Symantec, Jana pays a visit to Qualcomm, Zoetis brings in a heavyweight [SYMC, QCOM, ZTS, ALTR, RYN, M] 2015-04-13
Apr. 6 - Apr. 10 2015-04-13
Consumer Apr. 6 - Apr. 10 2015-04-13
Express Scripts idea has its day, Citrix finds itself in warming water, taking stock of some board moves at Rayonier [ESRX, CTXS, RYN, FHN] 2015-04-10
Chinese whispers in the lobby of Hilton, applying an old Trian playbook to Emerson, baby steps at Ashland [HLT, EMR, ASH, TGI, COP] 2015-04-09
No roar from Lions Gate, surveying Elliott's software cupboard, gas deal has us wondering about Cheniere [LGF, CTXS, LNG, PNR] 2015-04-08
The flip side to a strong dollar, not much left in packaged software, wondering about Lubrizol's interest in coatings [FDX, INFA, AXTA, HCN, ALTR, HCBK, Duke] 2015-04-07
Marvell's day in court, Motorola comes off the "list," mystery over at Emerson [MRVL, MSI, CSC, MTB, HCBK, EMR, MAT, Duke] 2015-04-06
Mar. 30 - Apr. 2 2015-04-06
Consumer Mar. 30 - Apr. 2 2015-04-06
A play on the California drought, Lear keeping the family together, a seller is now pitching at NuVasive [XYL, LEA, NUVA, EMR, ARCP, OI] 2015-04-02
Recent Ideas: Dow, Omnicare, Alere, Teekay, Timken, Allegion, Tenet 2015-04-01
Time for Timken to step up, more real estate talk at department stores, clock strikes midnight for Mall deal [TKR, M, MAC, PNK, UHS] 2015-04-01
Macy's slides into Dillard's spot, all eyes now on Walgreen's April meeting, Johnson Controls now warming up in the bullpen [M, DDS, ESRX, WBA, JCI, CMCSA, DD] 2015-03-31
Express Scripts now all alone, Altera may have tipped its hand last fall, what's with all the trading going on at PerkinElmer? [CTRX, ESRX, ALTR, PKI, OLN, DVA, MSG] 2015-03-30

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