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Salesforce ruins a few mornings, spine still core to Medtronic, QLIK process not yet clicking (CRM, DWRE, MDT, AGN, QLIK, ELY) 2016-06-01
Corvex is buying Signet credit review, Jana has unfinished business at ConAgra, why did Cisco sit out April? (SIG, AGN, CAG, CSCO, TAP, SEMG, TWTR) 2016-05-31
May 23 - May 27 2016-05-27
Thermo turns up the heat in Oregon, important anniversary on tap at Walgreens, credit review from Signet scores no points (TMO, FEIC, WBA, P, SIG, WBMD, LGF) 2016-05-27
Signet to explore its credit options, Agilent standalone plan pegged to growth, Plains will be drifting til Labor Day (SIG, A, PAA, JACK, BHI) 2016-05-26
Spinoff calendar gets a big new addition, flashback to cautious FMC lithium comments, shouts of Xilinx heard in a crowded theater (HPE, CSC, FMC, XLNX, TWTR, VFC, CG, EXPR) 2016-05-25
M&A possibilities for Varian post-spin, Papa eager to tout Bausch & Lomb, Best Buy loses its cleanup hitter (VAR, VRX, BBY, CAG, XLNX, CDK, CHS) 2016-05-24
Jack Lew hangs CF deal on his wall, unimpressed with opening Bayer offer, activism loses another large-cap name (CF, MON, WBA, CTLT, WBMD, IDXX, DVA) 2016-05-23
May 16 - May 19 2016-05-19
Retiring FMC CEO gets his deal, Bayer hands a present to contrarians, Thermo maps out big M&A program (FTI, BAYN, MON, TMO, VWR, CHD, DIS) 2016-05-19
Homeowners' Premium Growth to Enter Cooling Phase 2016-05-19
ValueAct's ADS move is a return engagement, UTX has no interest in Rolls, Progressive story takes on more water (ADS, UTX, PGR, CHS, FOSL) 2016-05-18
DJ Meister does some spinning at Pandora, future Honeywell boss fine with mid-size deals, eyes peeled for VWR offering (P, HON, GRA, LGF, VWR, SWK) 2016-05-17
13F Analysis (ADS, FFIV, CYH, HLF, YUM, HLT, TDG, MCD, ARMK, HAWK) 2016-05-17
Allstate: Earnings Estimates Likely to Rise 2016-05-17
Some early 13F reviews and one preview 2016-05-16
Buffalo secondary cools off sale idea, tossing around Franklin-Invesco idea, Chico is late, Thermo on deck (BUFF, BEN, IVZ, TMO, ALB, RRC, THG, Industrial EPG Conf) 2016-05-16
May 9 - May 13, 2016 2016-05-13
"Flo" has a new boss at Progressive, remembering BASF's last bear hug, the window is open at Perrigo (PGR, ALL, MON, BASF, PRGO, CTLT) 2016-05-13
Talking chemical M&A, revisiting CDK LBO prospects, tasty JACK numbers but mystery at Qdoba (ALB, MON, CDK, JACK, HUN, BKD) 2016-05-12

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