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Consumer May 26 - May 29 2015-06-01
Breakup questions dot the HPC landscape, not much to see at Agilent, considering Peltz etiquette [CL, KMB, A, ZTS, Peltz, GEF] 2015-05-29
Short Interest Analysis [CSX, CVC, IP, YUM, WEN, ALTR, CDK, JNPR, ANN, TWC, OCR, BCO, DD] 2015-05-28
Defense companies looking for offense, CST might grab "stupid" money, white flags everywhere at Michael Kors [LMT, GD, CST, KORS, AVGO, BRCM] 2015-05-28
Ben Franklin involved in another revolution, Owens roofing job might get some help, class divide at Hubbell widens [AXLL, OC, YELP, HUB, CFX] 2015-05-27
Skeptical of new Lab story, Flip flopping potential Marvell catalysts, a 26 month value surge in cable [DGX, MRVL, TWC, CVC, NUVA, PF] 2015-05-26
May 18 - May 21 2015-05-25
Consumer May 18 - May 21 2015-05-25
Ninety-eight luftballons at Omnicare, CP boss hasn't called the mover, Thermo flashes a $10bn bill [OCR, CVS, CP, TMO, ARMK, CVC, HTZ] 2015-05-21
Searching for Trian's next two industrial bets, IRS says not so fast, thinking ahead to a RMT at CSC [EMR, YHOO, EQIX, CSC, AKRX, HUN] 2015-05-20
Life sciences really coming to life, Mentor Graphics will be losing its shield, no need for Omnicare to learn its ABCs [TMO, A, HON, ROP, MENT, KLXI, OCR, SWK] 2015-05-19
A second "Leonard" shows up at BBBY, Dillard's kills REIT talk, baby steps at CREE [BBBY, DDS, CREE, WU, ENDP, ALTR] 2015-05-18
May 11 - May 15 2015-05-18
Consumer May 11 - May 15 2015-05-18
13-F Analysis: MCD, M, HOT, THC, PCP, URI, BKD, LGF, KRFT, PF, SJM, ARMK, ALTR, NCR, BK, EMR, CE, CREE 2015-05-17
A distant whistle heard at CSX, interesting time for Computer Sciences story to unfold, ValueAct shows some interest in Precision Castparts [CSX, CSC, PCP, ALTR, BEAV] 2015-05-15
A flip flop at Macy's, taking stock of the industrial "split" universe, Pall shockwaves felt at other life science players [M, ETN, EMR, ROP, PKI, WAT, OI, ALTR] 2015-05-14
Danaher kills two birds, Williams calls a familiar play, PCP buyback may ease deal worries [DHR, WMB, PCP, DD, HTZ, SYK, NUVA, ASH] 2015-05-13
Two big guns go looking for filtration, the crowd builds outside CDK, looking ahead to Stanley Day [PLL, TMO, DHR, CDK, CSX, SWK, ABT, VZ, AOL] 2015-05-12
A super-sized grocery deal, Hilton sale idea gets floored, gas station stories still intact after IRS move [TFM, WFM, HLT, CST, SUN, TPX, TGI, TWC, LMCA] 2015-05-11

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