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Pfizer gets Treasury's best shot?, E*Trade completes an eight year trip, Aramark on the move into December mtg [PFE, AGN, ETFC, TW, WSH, ARMK, CAG, XRX, CFX] 2015-11-19
Regarding taxes; the choice of domicile matters-ask MMC 2015-11-19
ConAgra move not so tasty for Pinnacle, not sold on Canadian Pacific's bear hug, Airgas boss rides off into the sunset [CAG, PF, CP, NSC, ARG, ENS, AXLL] 2015-11-18
Quarterly 13-F Analysis 2015-11-17
Recent Ideas to Highlight - WRK, NRG, OSK, ESRX, CAG, MDCO, IPG, EPC, TMH, ESL, HTZ, ARMK, NTAP, JCI 2015-11-16
Marriott checks into the Sheraton, a temperature rise at AirGas, a team forms at Autodesk, lots of 13-F coverage [MAR, HOT, ARG, APD, PX, ADSK, DFS, SPLS, GIS, DD, MRVL, JWN] 2015-11-16
Asbestos worse than expected - Call Friday (11/20) with Bill Wilt, Alan Zimmermann re. Proprietary Study 2015-11-13
Perrigo wins with room to spare, Edgewell stumbles out of the chute, no sign of studio pivot at Viacom [PRGO, MYL, EPC, VIA/B, NUAN, KLXI, MSFT, WSH, TW] 2015-11-13
Nov 9 - Nov 13, 2015 2015-11-13
The water boils over at Advanced Auto, NCR digs up a PIPE, a cockamamie Xerox story [AAP, NCR, XRX, MWE, RR, ATU, HII] 2015-11-12
Detailed Feedback from Several Large Buyers of Tech [CTSH, CRM, EPAM, LXFT, INFY, ACN] 2015-11-11
Tapping out of TAP trade, IRS evidently hasn't stopped issuing all PLRs, a big hedge fund winner at McDonald's [TAP, DRI, MCD, CBS, DD, APA, VRX, M, LGF, DHI, MSCI] 2015-11-11
Allstate/Progressive: EPS Revisions Slowing, Critical Factors for Improving 2016 earnings 2015-11-10
Norfolk Southern with a beautiful pirouette, Macy's adds a rockstar to its board, onus now on Citron to deliver some fresh goods at MNK [NSC, CP, M, JNPR, MNK, DLG, ATML] 2015-11-10
Oily M&A begins to stir, XPO reclaims its pre-deal perch, a hint big timber deal may have been coming [APA, XPO, PCL, WY, AMGN, HSC, GXP] 2015-11-09
Men's Warehouse comes down with the Ron Johnson flu, Huntington Ingalls sailing towards a DefCo multiple, still waiting for Brookdale punchline [MW, HII, BKD, KS, CAB, TDC] 2015-11-06
Nov 2 - Nov 6, 2015 2015-11-06
A walk-off home run at HomeAway, Autodesk transition draws out an activist, hurry up and wait at Akorn [AWAY, EXPE, ADSK, AKRX, TWX, CTL, WCG] 2015-11-05
No love for latest C-Corp roll-up, mostly done with AmSurg, an "activist" lends a voice to MarkWest resistance [TRGP, NGLS, AMSG, TMH, MDCO, MWE, WBA, MTW] 2015-11-04
Not giving up on Walgreen's-Express just yet, AmSurg needs an activist - stat, Tenet throws a changeup while Zoetis throws a fastball [WBA, ESRX, AMSG, TMH, EMR, THC, ZTS, IDXX, FICO, BKD] 2015-11-03

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