Deal Reporter Morning Flash's Don Bilson to Launch Event-Driven Coverage

Sep 30, 2013

Gordon Haskett is proud to announce the establishment of a new event-driven research team. The group will be headed by Don Bilson, who created and wrote the highly regarded Morning Flash daily analytical report at Deal Reporter. Prior, Don worked for ten years in several PM and analyst roles on the buyside. Don is well respected by institutional investors for the rigorousness of his work and his ability to analyze and anticipate compelling corporate events. The team will be joined by Eric Wiley, who was formerly at Morgan Stanley in the Institutional Equities division.

The Gordon Haskett event-driven team's coverage will be focused on helping clients generate actionable investment ideas. Don's group will scrutinize public filings, event transcripts and company releases to uncover often overlooked details and discern early signs of corporate action. As he did at Deal Reporter's Morning Flash, Don will provide readers with timely, concise and differentiated insights.

John Argenti, Director of Research and Sales, commented, "Gordon Haskett is thrilled to have Don and Eric join our research effort. Don has earned the trust and respect of the investment community for his thorough analysis and instincts for anticipating significant corporate events. Don's team will be highly responsive to client needs and provide tailored coverage. We look forward to working closely with investors and producing top quality content for a limited distribution list."

Gordon Haskett will publish its proprietary insights in the Event-Driven Daily.

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