Restaurant Sector Competitive & Consumer Intelligence

We provide restaurant operators with unique analysis, insights and trend monitoring, gleaned from dozens of data sources, some of which are proprietary to us. Our firm is ranked the #1 Independent Research Provider for the Consumer Sector in Institutional Investor's survey, and Jeff Farmer is ranked #1 for the Restaurant Sector.

Title Date
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The Intel: Unit Growt... 2024-05-14
The Intel: Tracking T... 2024-05-09
The Intel: Demand Tre... 2024-05-07
The Intel: Tracking T... 2024-05-03
The Intel: 3PD Menu P... 2024-05-02
The Intel: Restaurant... 2024-04-30
The Intel: California... 2024-04-26
The Intel: Tracking T... 2024-04-25
Introduction to GHRA'... 2024-04-23

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